1. Damon - Dance ClassMature

Damon Lee

I kept my head down as I walked through the long corridor. My messy, silvery blonde hair threatened to obscure my vision, but it's only a simple threat. Nobody bothered me as I walked where I wanted - good. It would make it so much more annoying if I had to deal with someone else other than the person I wanted to already. I wouldn't want things getting, ahem, 'messy'.

The corridor seems so long for a route so short. I'm looking for a door with a name on it. It's the name of the dance teacher who I'm going to be dropping in on and joining in with.

It was there, just ahead of me. The dance class was a samba, or something like that. Basically, it would get me what I wanted, without much hassle.

Drawing in a deep breath and putting on a front that showed I was nervous, I opened the door I wanted and pushed. Inside I was greeted by a group of nine students, each of them glaring with mild interest. The teacher ushered me in and the lesson began.

Already, I had my eyes on someone.

The End

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