Name: Caroline

Age: 15

Looks: Starwberry Blond hair that falls to her back. She has big, blueish green eyes. She is built on the smaller size, but other than that she has the dancers body.

Persotitly: She is sweet, mostly. She is goomed to be a Prima Ballrina, so that is what she plans her life arpund. She loves her family, and has great morals. She hates boys, knowing what they could do to her.


Name: Damon Lee

Age: 16

Year they where born first: 1896 (If that's okay)

Look: Medium length, messy, silvery blonde hair which just threatens to grow over his eyes, but not quite. His eyes are startling green with flecks of grey and yellow. His facial features are quite chiselled and he would be described as beautiful. Rather tall and muscular (quite fit). Usually wears jeans and a shirt with hiking boots. For a coat he uses a hoodie.

Personality: He's malicious and possessive. If he wants something or someone, he will charm his way into getting it. He has had relationships in the past, but none have been particularly meaningful to him.

(There are more)

The End

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