The Beginning...Mature

"I have no need for those who would liberally share information to the un-elect."
"But…! I didn't mean to… you KNOW that I wouldn't…I've been such a faithful slave –I'd do it all again ---"
"Whom do you think you're speaking to? There are no second 'chances'."

No one saw him lift a finger –but there she was, laying on the floor dying in a pool of her own blood. The word "brain burst" flashed in Miwa's mind and she almost laughed. Quite hysterically… or maniacally… but she suppressed that urge and just looked at Ukab-bi instead. Even if that was a pretense –even if Ukab-bi wasn't truly his name –that was still rather… severe.

She leaned against the wall for support –she couldn’t erase the image from her mind… so much for escaping the shadows.
"What.happened." Dr. Dark Brown Hair broke the painful silence.
"Would you like me to demonstrate that a second time?"
"You know what he meant." Man-Teen spoke up.
"I don't make presumptions." And with that, he turns and heads back towards the staircase. Dumbfounded Dr. Muzro, Anahita, Amarian and Miwa say nothing to each other for an agonizing minute [or 3], but Dr. Muzro made the first move towards the fallen figure… who… disappeared when he touched her.
"What?" Anahita exclaims.
"…So… she wasn't part of this timeline after all…?" Amarian voices what they were all thinking.
There were so many questions –and this… this couldn’t just be ignored –but they had to think of something to do and quickly.
"What did you ultimately decide to do?" Anahita asks Miwa –trying to valiantly ignore the [still] bloody mess [why didn’t her blood disappear? Only her body?]
"… He claims that he's not trapping me in that room… but that I'm lost because you moved my body… I was trying to find myself… but it was too dark… so I came up here… and this happens… I may have been crass towards her, but this is not the ending she or anyone deserved…" Miwa shakes her head sadly.
Dr. Muzro: "If you're not able to concentrate, you should come with us."
"I'm losing too much –not just memories of these incidents involving Feral Eyes, but also of other memories as well. I need to find myself here and quickly. I just have no idea where I could even be…"

Everyone was silent.
"Is there any way we could somehow help?" Amarian was very concerned.
"A piece of me is
reunited with my body… but I wouldn't know how to find the other piece/s unless I have an out of body experience… I feel like I should be in here and searching… but…"
"Aww, don't worry ~ I'll stay behind and watch you." Anahita lightly punches Miwa's arm.
"See, that's scarier than being left behind…" she weakly laughs. But she very much appreciated the gesture.
"Yeah. I'll stay behind too…" They all nod. There was really no way to go anywhere anyway so they agreed on taking shifts. They could feel her relief and she thanked them both profusely and in her most affectionate sardonic way. Now she could… search for her self. She mentally damned herself for always running hither and thither –she couldn’t believe that as much as her ego loved herself she would have to actually waste time on herself.

Despondent sigh –"Let's just get this over with." And she breathes in deeply and begins her journey.



The End

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