'Until I'm Blue In The Face'...Mature

Amarian was legally speeding towards the inn [he has much farther to go than they] but he thought he was making good time, considering. He dares presses the pedal further downward. For a good thirty minutes he was twenty over the limit; but then something warned him to slow it so he slows to a cool eight over the limit. Great timing because he passed by what appeared at first to be an abandoned car. It wasn't. It was state police. Nothing else happened, which was good –and as he arrived towards the town he saw a car crashed at the 'Welcome to Town' sign. He hoped that wasn't their car, but that was the only one he'd seen. He decided to drive around town to make sure. Then he proceeded towards the inn… he saw another car there: the windows were foggy. He barely parked –leaping out of his car to bang on the car doors. No response. He tried opening the driver's door… it actually opened! He recognized the driver as her friend! Looking in the car he saw her and a man. They were all unconscious… it didn't look like they were bleeding or injured otherwise… so it most likely was the car's fumes. He opened the passenger side door to let more air in and… the car engine wasn't on… but they were all unconscious… He tried shaking her friend awake. She was deadweight and felt cold to touch. He involuntarily gasps. They had better wake up soon. It dawned on him to check the muffler in case of foul play –but there was nothing in it so… they were all knocked out… warmth! He berated himself for being stupid –he reached to turn on her car… but there was no key… Well damn. So he would have to move the bodies to his car after all. He looked in the back seat and saw that she actually had some blankets so he wrapped the women at least, first. He looked in the trunk of his own car just in case they had something. Nothing of course, but he was desperate. Not knowing what else he could do he goes to the passenger's side and just touches Miwa on the forehead and touches his own forehead –it felt silly to do, but he would try to connect somehow –and just focused.

"You need to wake up! I found your bodies!" No response. He kept repeating it and heard something.

"What? Oh man, I can hear you so clearly now! You must be here?"
"Yes. I'm at the inn's parking lot… and so is your car and your bodies."
"… We're heading out."
"Okay… but please hurry…"


"Let's go!"
"What? He's here? Where?" Anahita asks excitedly.
"He's in the parking lot…"
"Ah… I forget that he was farther away than we were –but he got here pretty quickly, didn't he?" Anahita wonders aloud.
"All for love." Dr. Muzro murmurs half-jokingly. Miwa glares at him. Yep, he unwittingly hit the nail on the head… well maybe not unwittingly; he didn’t realize just how sore a topic that would be for her. The professional in him wanted her to tell him everything. But he tempered his curiosity and followed them out of The room.

It was early morning yet not enough light was available –it made the halls unbearably long and terrifying to… well, run down. They were running. The shadows couldn’t catch them –it felt good to have an escape. But of course, they weren't 'free' yet they had to exit. Which, embarrassingly enough nothing hindered them or leapt out of the shadows to drag them to the pits of hell. They were simply running in an abandoned inn and left, heading towards the parking lot.

"Stop. Why are we running? Did we just forget what he told us?"
"Wait… how do we know it was him?"
"I didn’t share the conversation with you this time, but I am certain it was him… here –allow me to demonstrate."
"Youth Troop? Can you give me a word to tell Dark Brown Hair for him to wake up?"
"Uh… okay… clientele." He mentally berated himself ~ how original of him. But it was a sudden and strange request, he wasn't prepared.

"Clientele. Dark Brown Hair –think about the parking lot, her car and that word."

He nods and disappears. Anahita involuntarily jumps even though it wasn't new to her, it was just… unexpected. And it made her happy –it would work! Miwa gives her a different word and Anahita too woke up.


Dr. Muzro starts. He was indeed in a car. He ached all over –being in a tiny space for some time could do that to a person. It was bitingly cold but he didn’t care, he was … alive… He couldn’t be certain of anything anymore –but he felt some comfort knowing that it wasn't just him. And at least he was with very trustworthy people who knew so much so that he was able to get through it with his sanity intact. He looks in the front and sees an enraged woman, "WHERE are my KEYS???"
The poor teenager cowed under the force of the rage and stutters out, "I d-d-don't know! They weren't here when I got here…"
"I wasn't talking to you! Raaargh!"
He winces and apologizes again. Ah, poor kid. He was feeling a bit afraid himself. But he liked that kind of fear –it was with something he could see and solve or at least deal with. But… what about...

"Hey… she's not waking up…" Anahita calmed down long enough to realize Miwa was still unconscious.
"I gave her a word. Why isn't she waking up? She must know how to escape! You two did…" That sounded a bit accusatory, Dr. Muzro decided. Why that was important –it wasn't, but his observant mode had kicked in and that was what he observed, so…

Youth Booper or whatever other name was convenient, touched her forehead again, focusing, attempting to wake her up.

Dr. Muzro and Anahita were silent. They waited until he spoke to them… but it was clear she was not waking up. Dr. Muzro noticed that her lips were blue.

"Hey! Let's move her to your car and turn on the heat –she must be going through hypothermia!" Dr. Muzro exits the car and rushes to the front to help him carry her to his car. Amarian was desperately trying to communicate with her, telling her she was now in his car –they were going to warm her up so she could try to come back with them, and what was going on –was she okay? She was just scared and had returned to The room because it had the most light in it, at least. Racing down the long dark halls again was quite an ordeal. She was so tired…

"Hey… wait… The room. Did you just say that it had the most light in it?"
"Yeah, that's why I returned…"
"Who are you." It was more a demand than a question.
"You know who I am."
"You're not her."
"Who is she that you must speak with her?"
"Who. are. you…"
"Shouldn't you worry about your own safety?"
"What? What do you mean?"
"Don't worry about others so much. They don't trust you anyway."
"Yeah ~ Because of you
"You're here now. You can … rescue her. But… isn't there something you're forgetting?"
"What? What am I forgetting?"
"Why are you asking me
? I don’t know what you know."
"That's bullshit."

"Uh… I don't know how to ask you this… but… Dark Brown Hair? I don't think I can go into the inn. Please… can you… can you find her?"
"Umm…" Should he reveal he could indeed try to connect with her because they had already done it… but… instead he points out that her body was in the car.
The young man looked pained. But he resolved himself and nods –okay, he will continue to search for her himself. He closes his eyes again and concentrates. Dr. Muzro began to wonder if he shouldn't have gone ahead and tried saving her himself. But… now he would have to wait and see.


Miwa was still by the entrance. Communication had faltered again because Body Less Voice was shattering her concentration. She doubled over in pain –she could barely move –almost losing consciousness, unbearable pain. But she kept hearing something –so faint –so distant… so insistent… how annoying. She began focusing on it and realized it was Young Man! She was so deliriously happy she began singing "YMCA" out loud and giggling intermittently. That helped stop her from hearing Body Less Voice if only momentarily. Seizing on that moment she continued singing whatever songs she could think of, out loud and trying to focus on his voice.

"In my car!  Hypothermia…"
Okay, so even if that wasn't her word, she was so going to wake up anyway! She didn’t know what his car looked like but she didn’t have to –she knew what she looked like, even with hypothermia… well actually, she imagined herself to be a bluer version of herself so going with that image she wakes up.


In the parking lot of the hotel, Miwa was walking towards Anahita's car… but where was she? Miwa for some reason had Anahita's keys and shrugging, went to the car thinking she could at least unlock the doors and start the car herself so that it would be warm by the time they got there… They? Anahita and who else? Where were they going again? It didn’t matter. As long as they were going someplace to eat first, wherever else they were going was immaterial.

As she sat in the car and waited for them, she turned on the radio and began listening to the music. Her eyes lazily roamed over the interior and she realized that even though she was seeing the car she couldn't actually register what she was seeing. The image before her began wavering ~her eyes began watering. She happened to see her reflection in the rearview mirror: blue lips, pallid skin… Hypothermia! She exclaims…


The End

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