Stuck At That Ever Lovin' InnMature

They were no longer in the parking lot.
"Quick ~ Punch me, I must be asleep." Anahita informs them.
"Ah… Hmmm… That's odd… How are we all consciously in the same dream together…?"
"You were the only one of us to sleep soundly. Why are you here?" Miwa demanded rhetorically at Dark Brown Hair. And quickly shakes her head in a 'don't answer that' gesture when it looked like he was going to answer.

It was too dark to see anything… yet. It must simply be that Miwa's eyes hadn't yet adjusted to the low lighting of… yes, the inn. She suspected as much.

"We're all at the inn… is my car wrecked now?!"
"I sincerely hope not… as opposed to fake-ly… Ah, geez [She shakes her head at her own futile joking]. If we're here… then let's just make the most of it. Actually, I want to check that room and make sure that those documents we… procured aren't back in that room. … And now that we're back here, we can explore more –why not?"

Miwa snorted, "Fake-ly. Hahahahaha you got jokes ~! What an odd group we are, but yes. Let's just get on with it." 
"I can always count on you for laughing at inappropriate times... thanks..." Anahita mutters.

Continuing, "Well… this is the first time I get to see the inn without that harpy detracting my attention to the scenery…" Anahita resigned herself to jumping on the 'let's look at the positive side of things' bandwagon. After all, she was with the queen of rolling with the punches. And there's really not much else to do.

"This might be the real inn…? I've been trying to 'wake up' but I'm still here…" Miwa states.
"Yeah… so far it looks like what I've seen when you two went to rescue me…"
"Who brought us back here then??" Anahita questioned.   

Excellent question (Dr. Muzro thinks); perhaps, then I was correct in thinking time converges here? If so… how do we find our time? He directed this thought at Miwa and Anahita. They both sorted through their own thoughts before Miwa responded first, "Hmmm. Maybe there are time pockets –we're not near the right time bubble so we can't 'wake up'. We can try leaving the conventional way first though just to see if your theory is correct."
Anahita ponders, "The bubbles must change locations, though? We can't leave the same way as last time…" "Most likely true…" Miwa concedes and Dr. Muzro agreed.

"But… Let's start walking while I talk… Before, I had been here in my premonition and it looked different. It looked different again when I was dreaming and it still looked different even when I was here physically going to save you… And now, you just stated how it looked like the same inn you had found yourself in the first time –it's been consistent for you and different for me four times… And as you've just confirmed –it looks the same to you as well… And even Young Blood confirms that this is the correct… er recent structure of the inn…"
"What? Another name?" A disembodied voice joins the party.
"You want me to continue to refer to you as Teen Trouble? You won't be a teenager for long."
"But Young Blood makes more sense?"
"No. But it sounded more exciting."
"… I'm not an exciting person..." he stated matter of factly
"Okay! Now that I know you love that name~!"
"I do not."
"[She ignores his sullen reply] So… what does this mean? Also… I wonder how we …teleported… [?] here if this is indeed the look of the inn in our time? Is something important about this particular time this particular location for Feral Eyes?"
"Yeah… probably that it exists in the now and only the now exists so that's why we're in this building now." Anahita retorts.
"Or… that it exists now because we exist now and not those times so we can't [or aren't allowed to…?] be in those times unless we are specifically physically existing there."
"… Huh? Wait. Isn't that what I said? I think… I can't remember –I didn't even care."
"Yes… you clearly don't care to think about the situation you're currently in. But that aside, I simply changed the importance of your subject to reflect us than the building itself. It exists in those times, now that I think about it, because someone else is alive [or exists] who is showing me –or I've accidentally stolen –his or her or its memory of the inn. So it makes sense now why I've seen the inn so differently so many times."

"I'll just leave the heavyweight thinking to you –I'll go ahead and explore The room for… shiggles, now." Dr. Muzro was a bit impatient to begin exploring.
"Who says shiggles?" Anahita raises her eyebrow and smiles.
"Welp he's searching for shiggles –what will you
be doing?"
"Taking pics."
"Oh! Great idea!" Miwa and Amarian exclaim at the same time.

They all look at each other –to hear both voices was… unsettling.
"Oh… right… Youth Troop? I don't think we need help just yet but do you think it will be okay for you to not be with us for awhile…?"
"… I understand, but what's with the names?"
"THAT'S your take away with what sounds pretty heavily hurtful ~?" Anahita inquires.
"No, really I can understand about that –I would actually have treated me much worse were I you… and anyway that wasn't
the important part of her statement –my name! You could at least call me by the name I suggested!"
"Ha ha ~ Yet you responded to the other names I pulled out my… feet anyway. But… if it really bothered you, then I'll try to call you…"
"Ah, no! It's okay ~ forget about it."
"Why??? You make a huge stink about it. It's only fair that you call me whatever is the first thing that pops in your mind… on second thought… you can call me whatever else than the first thought that crosses your mind."
"Meh. I'm not as creative as you are. Anyway, I'll leave you to… oh and here –these are the areas I've explored of the inn so you have a rough idea at least."
"Thank you! Ah… wait… the building is big… but… not that big…?"
"Ah, yeah –apparently after the orphanage stint, the 'worst' parts of the building was destroyed by the government. The wealthy couple who bought it never bothered to rebuild that part of the inn. In fact, when they renovated, They built upwards not outwards –some of the wings of the inn –orphanage was restructured completely. It was rumored that the founder of the inn did NOT like that at all so what was restructured is most likely the ruins and the parts of the inn that survived was the original… Urban Legend says that everyone who ever owned the inn lived in the inn and died in the inn. Ah… so if you have a run in with a few spirits…"

"Duly noted…" Miwa was deep in thought… or perhaps deep in separate conversation.
"Ah, but I should go now and let you explore. You know how to reach me!"
Everyone thanks him and say their goodbyes and they busy themselves variously with heavy weight thinking, searching for shiggles and tourist action.     

The End

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