Oh, You JestMature

Miwa and Anahita filed reports like responsible citizens [rather, Anahita files. Miwa was there for moral support], then began to retrace Anahita's steps. They took a bus into town and Miwa inquired if she interacted with anyone or noticed if anything was unusual. She denied talking to anyone other than the waiter, and the barista even when she stopped at a café for post breakfast pre lunch [or snack in commoner's tongue… perhaps brunch or pobreakrelunch].

"…Mmm, well, I don't know what would be 'unusual' since it was a sizeable crowd. No one was hanging around my car even though it was parked over there." She points to the side road that becomes available to park at only during events such as that one. Chances were that other cars were also parked there. From what she could tell nothing blocked her view from the car… unless there were tall people in front of her the entire time which she assures there weren't. It didn’t mean she could see who else may have been watching that area or scoping her ride specifically but she could rule out 'juveniles' at least. OK, so perhaps it really was just misfortune and not some preplanned thievery… Why would anyone take the time to follow her home (in what she presumes was a ride of their own [A bus wouldn't have followed her. In fact –she left in between schedules so no bus would be following that closely behind in the time it took to seize her car] just to appropriate her 'tin on wheels'?

After eating and window shopping for a bit, they headed back to campus. Miwa questioned if there were anyone when she left her car. No. No one unusual or who wasn't supposed to be there. And again, she didn't think, in fact was certain, she didn't leave her windows cracked or doors unlocked. She wasn't gone for very long so how could it have... vanished? That's her parking spot, she has her decal so they immediately ruled out towing. Someone had to have broken in and hot wired the damn thing since she has her keys. The only thing they could do is wait on campus security.

"If they don't get back to us by tomorrow, let's go to them and just request for them to watch the security tapes. Otherwise, I'm seriously fresh out of ideas."
Sighs, "That's OK. Thanks for helping. I had a little fun at least… And just ask for his number next time, geez."
Face begins to flush, "I have no knowledge of what you're referring to."
"No worries. He's cute and single. He works there during spring breaks… and yes, I have his number."
"I don't condone stalking. Anyway! Business at hand! I should at least peruse some of my notes…"
"Are you worried about your exams now?"
"Only because I can't focus at the moment. *Makes a face* Hey, afterwards, it's bonfire time."
"Too hot for that and I can't, really… I'm taking part two of the majority of my classes…"
"You are or you're hoping to?"
"Timing isn't the only factor that makes jokes funny."
"Comedian professional?"
"I've got a family member of a family member's friend who does comedy tours…" They look at each other with great amusement.

"Your deadpan expressions would make me believe you're serious, and that would've hurt my chest cavity. Fortunately for you, I accept your apologies for your jokes."
"On behalf of my culture and of my family, I apologize in a most nuanced manner as to almost not really be an apology."
"Misconstruing such ill manner as a reluctant admittance of my infallibility I accept. …But not before demanding fresh baked brownies…"
"Woman! You should have bought the brownie mix before we returned!"
In most cute voice, "I know but I forgotted until just then." Look of cute regret.
Makes a face, "OK look, we'll just go back now –no big deal… you owe me for bus fare though since I don't have a card like you."
"Woman! It's affordable! I'm paying for the mix which is hands down more costly than your fare."
"How many boxes are you planning on buying?!"
"I dunno. We'll see when we get there."
"Planning was obviously the wrong word ~ I misspoke."
"I accept your apology."
"Don't accept that ~ It's not a 'good' thing…"

Miwa laughs at her fellow dorm mate in crime. Without much incident or further interesting quips and/or conversations, they retrieve brownie mixes [all of whatever was left on the shelf] and head back to the communal kitchen to bake brownies.
Miwa shouts, "Who helps me bake brownies and/or washes dishes gets to partake of post study pre exam brownie baking relaxing party!"
"You know, you really gotta work on shorter titles, just sayin."
"Shut up. Bake 'n eat, my treat!"
"Well now that wasn't so difficult was it?" Miwa employs her infamous withering glare. All who were there laugh and chipped in some monies even though Miwa never asked. This is what she loved about her dorm mates ~they all had a sense of sisterhood or at least sense of responsibility. It was much more decent and quite an upgrade from her previous dorm situation where it was co-ed and more clique-y or individual –ly than neighbor-ly.

The next day Anahita knocks on or down the door –whichever is more dramatically pleasing, and shakes Miwa awake. Miwa wanted to murderize her, or in the very least throw a throat punch but refrains. She death glares instead. Un-phased and breathless she explains,
"I was called by campus security to watch footage with them. Come with!"

Grumbles, then reluctantly gets ready to leave. Being rudely awakened robbed her of her witty faculties ~ no quips were forthcoming. She couldn’t be outright mean since she did involve herself from the beginning. Besides, she looked so tragically hopeful she hadn't the heart [chest cavity after all] to crush her hopes and dreams.

At the security office the secretary recognizes them –[The name isn't important] "The officer is waiting for you. Just go on back there." She indicates the way. They thank her and proceeded ~ an escort meets them halfway down the hall and they enter a room.

The officer begins, "I don't normally show footage." That pause makes Anahita nervous and Miwa uneasily curious. "But I should ask you if you can identify this *hesitant* person…"

They peer at the small screen. The person's features were surprisingly clear… at least the eyes were –especially the eyes. They were hazel. And… the footage is black and white… rather shades of grey. Feral Eyes, for that's what Miwa decided then and there to call him… her… it gazed directly into the camera, grinned or seemed to ~ Miwa couldn't really tell… the eyes were so compelling that it was hard to focus on anything else about him her it; and opened the car door as though it was unlocked! And drove away –as though he she it had [spare] keys! There was no movement that made it appear that Feral Eyes hot wired the car at all!

Miwa sarcastically, "OK so all Feral Eyes needed to do was wink and wave. What was that?!"
The officer, "Since neither of you can identify him or her or it, I'm not sure how fast or if we're even able to retrieve your car. 'Feral Eyes' as you called him her or it, could be anywhere at this point…"

Tears began streaming down her face but with an even tone, "Why my car? I've never seen Feral Eyes before. Neither have I seen him her or it anywhere near me yesterday. What's going on?"
"…I'm very sorry. We'll try everything we can –and work with the town police… but…"
She nods and doesn’t look at anyone in the room. Miwa asks to see the footage again to see if she could notice other details. He allows her to watch while Anahita sits quietly sobbing.
Muses, "It's like Feral Eyes knows… wants us to know… we'd be watching… challenging us to catch…? Hmmm. I'm no psychology major but this is pretty fascinating… I need paper and pen ~ quick! I have to sort my thoughts!"

The officer complies with a bemused look of 'whatever floats your boat, hun' on his face.
Whoever this mystery person was she was somehow certain Feral Eyes wasn't part of the student body. Where was that light source from? Or was it really from an unnatural [supernatural?] source? Most mundanely important –why would he she it need a car? Or was it really [coincidence] taunting? It felt more like it was making a direct statement than merely needing a vehicle. What is his her its [even after reviewing the video, still couldn’t decide what it was] grand scheme? Finally, something exciting transpiring, even if ominous!

The officer, "Ok, so if we receive notification of the location of your car, we'll let you know…" His cell phone rings. "Hmmm… Mmhmm… Ok. We'll be right there. *Hangs up* Well… apparently your car was located. It's been spotted parked behind the supermarket in an employee's parking spot. Let's go." He sounded warily surprised and partially hopeful. 

She immediately brightened. They followed the officer to his security car and sped to the supermarket [he was just showing off at this point]. Miwa continued to muse about this whole incident. Everything she was so certain wouldn't be the case, turned out to be exactly the opposite: from being able to watch footage to not hotwiring the car… Anahita in the meantime was wringing her hands during the whole trip. Once they arrived, she confirmed her identity and ownership of car in question. She agreed to drive to the precinct directly after to confirm her car was found [or however such things go] ~our campus officer informed her the secretary would cover it on their end so she wouldn't have to deal with so much bureaucracy ~a wink and he drives off. She gives Miwa a hug…no she pounces Miwa and practically throws her into 'tin can' and off they went to the precinct. 

The End

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