Miwa, a young college student, was contemplating on whether to get up or go back to sleep –wondering why it was even something to consider –she turns over and tries going back to sleep. She had been in the middle of a… insert adjective kind of… deep dream when something had awakened her. She didn't know what, and now that she thought about it, that was why she had that mini dilemma to begin with. And the more she thought about it, the less she was able to sleep so she just lay there. It was exam week and while she wanted to do well, she wasn't particularly worried about it because she knew once she started worrying, she would forget. Everything.

"The name of the game is Keep Calm and stop meme-ing IRL!" She says aloud to no one in particular and giggles. Even her roommate, who usually slept in, was for once not around to hear the clever and random musing that escaped her lips from brain leakage. She wondered briefly about her roommate's whereabouts then recalled that she took an unofficial 'vacation' home; her exams were towards the end of the week so she could technically do what she wanted to before then –study, one would suggest. But it is merely a suggestion. What was her dream about anyway? She couldn't quite remember –only the feelings it evoked upon waking up: a sense of impending doom.

It was a bright day, so doom could wait.  But what could she do? Most of her friends would be studying for the 'end term' [For those who are graduating, it is the end term exam. For those who began during spring semesters, it is a midterm exam] spring exams and she didn't have a car. The surrounding area isn't exactly urbanized [it's a city on a population count technicality]... That was why she chose this particular university because it was closer to town status ~quite quiet, quaint and having just enough to do that she wouldn't be bored. And, it's not that she's beneath using public transportation, she uses it fairly often in fact, but it's times like these she wished she had a car so she could just drive to nowhere in particular [and getting lost –that IS the best part of impulse adventuring… but definitionally, adventures aren't planned…], just for the sake of driving. She was wondering what she could possibly do to get away from the imminent ennui when… nothing. Nothing happened because sometimes nothing happens even when one wants something to happen.

She was contemplating on perfecting a hobby she never before had, but that would require learning… and she didn't really feel like making that much of an effort into acquiring a skill she would [perhaps] never pick up again. She didn’t even want to waste time on updating her blog or complaining on social media. What else really is there to do, then? She began to imagine what her mother would advise her… she concluded that her mother would only say it was the perfect opportunity to go into full blown volunteerism mode. Eh, Miwa wasn't in an altruistic mood… but what is really the "mood" one must be in, in order to help their fellow human beings [rather, if everything depended on mood most things that need to be accomplished wouldn’t be done]? So what would her father say? He would most likely anecdotal her to death… yes, tis a great expression –do use it liberally. What would the lecture's [for that's what it really is] message actually convey ~ most likely that she should find the nearest hiking trail and hike the heck out of that trail because [alliteration] nature is great! Once more, after all, she did choose a university that wasn't that citified.

Eh, so thinking about parental advice, though a brief amusing diversion, wasn't all that helpful to her plight. She thought about taking the bus to the nearest train station, but as she doesn't have a specific destination, and she enjoyed frequent wanderings –or going off the beaten tracks if you will –left excursioning in this manner out of the question.

She sighs and resigns herself to just going to the library. That way she could go online or physically curl up with a good book if she wanted to take a break from taking a break. The library was designed in such a way that even when it closes, one does not simply leave. As she was reaching such a decision, she remembered that, it is exam week so everyone and their moms would be there. Sigh –it wouldn't hurt to check –at the very least she would've gotten some fresh air and… trading one confines for a bigger one was… some step in the right direction… or something like that.

She allowed herself to take her time musing over what to wear, as she took into consideration outside temperature versus air conditioned building versus evening temperature… Oh, right –she hadn't even eaten anything yet –but she would actually spend less time with that decision as she was feeling the first pang of hunger. Or perhaps it was thirst. She could never tell the difference.

The outfit chose itself –a white, light, flowy and playful large flower patterned dress whose color rivaled the most brilliant of red found in the Amazon Rainforest and a deep green leaf and stem outlines and a white cardigan with a see through lacy back. Heading to the communal kitchen, she grumbles about that someone who ate the last of the communal baked brownies. They were so moist and delicious… and gone, Gone, GONE. So she retrieved her left over Alfredo sauced shelled pasta. The best thing about it was she could eat it cold. Probably wasn't a good idea, but no fuss no muss. …Not that she needed to hurry anywhere, she really could've taken her time to at least heat it up a little. But she was hungry… also she would buy some snacks or eat out if need be –right now was to tame her hunger pangs. Or thirst pangs. But seeing as how she just recently woke up, she figured it to be the former.

Anahita trudges into the kitchen and murmurs a greeting. Then sighs like the wind through the maple tree branches during the height of fall.

"You sound like my grandmother. Cheer up –it's only exams." Miwa wicked grins.
Deadpan expression, "Did you eat any brownies this morning? They were really good."
"You're lucky I have to be nice to you. You have a car. And a well deserved break…"
"Sometimes I get the feeling I'm being used… [they grin at each other] Sounds good to me. Where you thinking?"
"Nowhere in particular."
"Eh, why not? Let's go!"

Having gleefully scrapped the library scheme, Miwa and Anahita leave the kitchen to go to the parking lot.

"…Where's my car?"
"…Keys? Carkeys?"
"No –you see that empty space?! That's where my car was supposed to be!"
"Did you leave your door unlocked?"
"…I don't think so… no –I really don't know why anyone here would go through all that trouble to steal that tin can on wheels [it was a used car so she always had problems with the air conditioner]." she wailed.
"We'll have to report this…"
"I JUST got back from the jazz concert and the only place I went to was the kitchen, and we were only there for –psh not even ten minutes or so –really??"
"There was a jazz concert?"
"Local. I didn't know about it either until I got there and even then, I didn't really know what it was."
"How was it?"
"It wasn't bad, actually. Arrgh what am I going to do without a car? How am I supposed to tell my family? They gave me that as a gift –they couldn't afford it, but they bought it for me ~they try so hard…" Tears begin streaming gently down her face.
"Shh, shhh… First thing's first, let's report it to the campus police and the authorities and worry about your family at minimum tomorrow. But if possible let's try to wait for the campus and police advice and time frame."
"They'll be here after exam week…"
"Ohhh..." She shakes her head and begins pushing Anahita towards the campus police office. She doesn't resist. Once they get there, Miwa asks the receptionist what they needed to do [rather, fill out] to report a stolen vehicle. The receptionist asks about specific details, shows her what to fill out and advises to also go to the police station in town. Of course, the only thing left to do is wait for a call. 

"Are we really going to wait for them to call?"
Sighs tiredly, "Let's not play detective, now."
"But you're the one so stressed out about it –maybe doing something about it will help you stop thinking about it."
"That doesn't even make sense."
"You're thinking too hard. But you're right. I wouldn't want to hear you whine and lament about a stolen vehicle throughout my investigation either…"
"You must be bored. Don't you have exams to study for?"
"Meh, it can study itself. All that information is not applicable to real life." 
Anahita looks dubiously at her friend, "I really worry about you. …Thanks. I'll help you look for my car." She smiles. 

The End

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