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I now have a title... but... I was torn with using Soterios or Feral Eyes... and ultimately, I think Feral Eyes is more appropriate for a chapter [/page] title...
I won Nanowrimo this year (2014) using this story, and it's the first time I've ever completed a first draft. O.o

Dr. Muzro greets his patient who seemed more agitated than usual. Showing genuine interest for the first time, he asks,
"Did something happen on the job? Is your wife alright?"
"I don't know how to describe it –but it was the oddest thing that happened to me at work. Don't know his …? Name... hell, don't even know if it's human. But I was workin' for the Boss, loadin' cargo on the ship… I was spared, thank God… the eyes were untamed –dangerous."
Less interested, more confused, "What do you mean?"
"I didn’t know what I was loadin'. All I know was to do my job. Feral Eyes told me to give a message to the Boss. Well, I looked for the Boss and delivered that message. I didn’t have to tell him who said it, seeing as how I didn’t really know –but he knew. Usually, I would be curious but I thought better of it an' just went home. No questions asked."
Blurted out a question, morbid curiosity getting the better of him: "(What was the message?) He's not dead, is he?"
"He is. I got another job –Feral Eyes made sure of that."
"Wait –did you go to work and see for yourself? What do you mean 'Feral Eyes' got you another job?"
"I didn’t go to work. I got a letter that told me so –it also gave me a tip where I could get another job with another company."
"How did this 'Feral Eyes' even know where you lived?"
Shrugs, "Musta followed me, I guess… but my new boss was expecting me."
"And you really don't know this 'Feral Eyes'?" Incredulous but redundant questioning.
"Never saw the person… just the eyes… hazel and glow-y."
Dubiously, "Glow-y? [brief silence] So what is this new job?"
[Non ironically] "Loadin' cargo on planes."

Dr. Muzro involuntarily shivers. It wasn’t cold, neither was what was spoken frightening ~ironic perhaps, but not terrifying. He never really paid much attention to this patient before, but he thought he saw his client's hazel eyes glowing. There was no light source to reflect his eyes in such a manner. Dr. Muzro shakes his head and blinks.
"What's wrong, Dr.?"

Dr. Muzro looks directly into his client's eyes –they were green and full of concern. "I'm fine. I was just remembering that I needed to do something important when I get home (such as locking all the doors and windows and turning on all the lights. I would be loading my guns as well had I any)."
"Oh… well, get home safe. (Is that a threat? [Too agitated now]. But why would it be? [calmed down somewhat after self chastising]) I won't be seeing you anymore."
"Oh? You're moving closer to your job?"
"No, I'm getting' the hell away from here. It's startin' and I'm not stickin' around to see it."
Perplexed, "What's starting? See what…?"
"Those eyes…"
With false bravado and exasperation [perhaps condescension, really] creeping into his tone, "Oh come now, surely 'Feral Eyes' (hasn't gotten you the job so you could move away) won't follow you? Are you so sure he or she or it is confined to this area?"
"Eradication [Dr. Muzro was certain this wasn't really what his client meant… really...?] is a long time coming. Whatever is going down will take out MANY people. I'm a simple man, but I can take a hint, and I want to live. I don't need to know what's going on."

Couldn't help arguing, "But as humans, what's here that's so bad that's not anywhere else; or that won't sooner or later happen elsewhere? Is moving truly the answer?"
"Perhaps we're not the source –but all weeds get pulled out and discarded. We just happen to have many bad seeds clustered here. That's all I'm sayin' Doc. 'Feral Eyes' will leave no stone unturned." 
Muses, "But what makes you suppose any of this? Especially with such conviction?"
"You're not gonna believe me if I tell you. Besides, I'm tryin' to end our sessions; not give you any 'proof' of why I need more."

They both chuckle. Fair enough. They say their goodbyes and he leaves. It was getting late and Dr. Muzro locked his office doors. He was heading towards his car, which was parked close to an alley since the parking lot was full, when he heard a crash behind him. He spun around and saw hazel eyes glowing back at him, (Where is the light source coming from??) but realized it was only a cat –a cat that not only did not have hazel eyes but was innocently walking away from the trash can it knocked over.

"I saw that. …Look at me, talking to a cat." The cat ignores him, sitting down to lick its paw. He continued towards his car but couldn't shake the feeling that he was being watched. Glancing around once more, he noted all the shadows that were cast by the street lights and wished that the businesses on this street were big enough for the city to grant them a parking garage (for that's how it works, right?) Chastising himself for being on edge, he enters his car and drives home. 

The End

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