An Unfamiliar Place


"Stop right there!" The guard said.

I ran, I didn't want to be caught and be sent to the home but, I had nowhere to go. There were guards every where and where ever I go, I'll be caught.

I ran and ran and ran. Still have no clue on where to go. I panicked, my sweat is  already dripping from my nose and the guards were getting so close. I hid behind a wall, hoping they could not see me. Luckily, they lost track of me.

I looked around, looking for a place where I could hide. For I couldn't stay behind that wall forever! Guards could always pass by there and might recognize me! I always got myself in to situations like that but, that one was the worst. A few minutes has passed then I realized that they were still looking for me. "Have you seen that little thief?" I heard one guard ask. "Not yet! Where in the world could he have gone to?" The other one replied. "He might be over there." The third one said, pointing at my direction. "Let's go check but keep it low. Shh.." He added.

My heart was beating fast. I hurriedly looked for a way to escape the three guards but I still couldn't find any. The first guard saw me and I was left with no choice but to hit and run. "YOU LITTLE RASCAL!" He said angrily. I ran as fast as I could and I can hear their footsteps getting faster and louder.

The heavens gave a little mercy to me when I saw an opened man hole. I was too desperate for escape so I went in it. I jumped and I found myself inside a huge sewer that doesn't seem to have an end. "Inside the sewer! Chase him!" They saw me and I have to run again. The sewer had many directions to go to and I don't know which one to choose. So I went into random directions until their foot steps faded. I gave a sigh of relief. They now really lost track of me but I have another problem- getting out of this place.

Hours has passed already and I realized that it was already night time and I still couldn't find any way out. I was starving and fatigued and it made me lie down and fall into a deep sleep.

I woke up and I saw a hole above me. I knew that the hole wasn't present. I slapped myself, I thought it was just a dream but it isn't. I tried to get out through it and I found myself in a beautiful grassland, a place that I don't think even exists in London or anywhere else in the world.

I wandered around the place and it is so amazing. I could feel the fresh air and every thing is just so green. I felt like I had a taste of paradise.

My moment was ruined when I saw a lion, going towards me. I was scared, as what would any human feel when they see a lion approaching them. I my legs froze and I couldn't move an inch. The lion got closer and closer and I ran for my life. Looking for the hole but I couldn't see it anymore. "Help!" I screamed. I fell down and I felt weak. I closed my eyes, preparing to become a meal for a lion. "Do not be afraid." I heard a voice from behind. I was still on the ground, trembling. "Go away! The lion will eat you!" I said. "Do not be afraid." The voice said again. "Stand up and introduce yourself."I slowly got up. Still trembling and I turned around, looking at a huge lion. "Who are you?" It was the lion speaking. "How come you can speak? Where am I?!" I said, terrified. "Is this a dream? Tell me!"

"This is no dream my friend."

"Then where am I?"

The End

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