Sorxia isn't any place on Earth nor in the universe itself but it is so close to Earth. Nearer than the moon or any stars in the universe but you cannot find it anywhere. It is another world. It is like a dream but in here, you don't have to close your eyes and fall into a deep sleep.

Sometime in a day, you might just find yourself on Trachiax, a wide grassland where lions won't eat you and talk to you instead or hawks that feeds on fruits and plants and you may also have a walk while you're inhaling the fresh, cool winter breeze until you reach the Far Woods; the forest found in the South of Trachiax where danger is far. In there you'd find little animals you wouldn't find in Earth (or what they would call Southern World), playing around trying to befriend the visitor and you'd also find different creatures, such as the woodelves, bloodtraixes and more living in a world far from civilization.

During the night, you would be mesmerized by the Yorew tree, sparkling in the darkness of the night just like a firefly. That tree is sacred, for legends say that it is a blessing from the gods of Sorxia, for it produces an abundant number of fruits and it lights the Far Woods. It is also said that gods dwell in that tree and that a few lucky ones got in there and went in the world called Yorew (the tree was named after the world). It was said to be a beautiful, heavenly place but the chances of getting in there is very small. You should be good in the eyes of Xerxia, the highest god, the creator and the god of the gods.

Aside from Xerxia, there are other gods. The High Gods who are the right hands of Xeria, who are with him in Yorew and also governs the whole Sorxia but has less power than Xerxia. There are also what we call the Supreme Gods who rule different things altogether but they are not addressed as 'god' instead, they are called 'the supreme god' or 'the superior god'. High gods can also be superior gods, giving them more power than those of the high gods that aren't superior gods. One of them is Zariarxia, the high supreme goddess of Trauxen, the world where the creatures who had an unfulfilled lifetime will go to when they die. It is where the creatures will suffer from eternal punishment from Zariarxia. Not physically but emotionally. She would fill their hearts with great regret and sorrow and causes them to feel an unbearable pain. How I wished they could be given another chance.

A few miles away from the Yorew and its tree, the Far Woods and the Trachiax is the Low Town. The 'Center of Poverty and Slavery' as  what upper class creatures would call it. Creatures usually from the Far Woods would come here, hoping to earn a few silver in their pockets, bringing with them their families that usually ends up being slaves or they would go back to the Far Woods, sticking to their old life. If you are a prodigious low towner, you could be one of the ten creatures that are taken as proteges and be educated in the field you excel at the most by scholars from the city of the elites and the educated- the city of Verxiax, named after the Great King Verxianus V. Here you can find the upper class creatures, scholars and the academics. Not everyone can enter the city. There is only a list of people who can enter and live in the city. If you are a low towner, you'd be lucky to be included in the list but that isn't possible unless you are a protege.

I remember when I was still a young orphan boy who escaped and lived almost every where in London. I was called 'Filthy Hands' for I was a thief back then. Going in the streets of London, usually in the markets and steal some food with my friends. During those times when I was nothing but a pest to the society, I discovered Sorxia and it changed my whole life.

There are more things to be discovered and more stories to be untold. Now, let me tell you the stories of Sorxia and my adventures in it.

The End

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