Sorry About My Spectacles

A family of bears decide to go on a family outing to a nearby park. Whilst they are there they have a wonderful picnic. Afterwards the family go for a walk, and want to know where they are on the map. Grandpa Bear takes out his glasses to look. But they're gone! The whole family search for his spectacles.

Little Bear woke up very excited one Saturday morning. Today was the day when Grandma and Grandpa Bear were coming to stay!

He didn't see them very much, but when he did it always meant lots of fun!

Soon, they arrived.

Little Bear jumped down from the window and rushed to the door.

Grandpa and Grandma Bear gave such lovely hugs.

"Now," declared Papa Bear "Who's ready for a picnic at the park?"

"Oh me, Daddy, me!" Little Bear squealed.

And so the whole family clambered into the car and set off. Mama Bear was holding the enormous picnic hamper full of all the delicious things they would eat.

The park was beautiful, and Little Bear loved playing hide and seek with Grandpa Bear. 

Soon the picnic was ready, and there was so much food to eat!

There were salmon sandwiches, cheese and ham rolls, pork pies, scotch eggs, sausage rolls, lemon tarts, chocolate cake and lots of ice cream!

Little Bear couldn't help but lick his lips. 

Soon the delicious picnic was finished, and Mama Bear suggested they go for a short walk.

There were lots of things to see. Birds, beetles and blossoming buds. It was a beautiful day.

However soon Grandpa Bear realised they were a little lost, and asked Papa Bear if he could see the map. Grandpa Bear reached into his pocket for his glasses...but they weren't there!

Soon the entire family were searching high and low, but the glasses were no where to be found. They looked under rocks, in the bushes, even in the picnic hamper! By the time they had given up, they were at the end of the walk.

Little Bear was upset. How was Grandpa Bear going to see without his glasses?

Grandma Bear went to put the hamper in the car, when her hat fell onto the floor. She bent down to pick it up, when she saw a box under the car seat.

Grandpa Bear's spectacles! 

The family went home with smiling faces.

That night at dinner, Grandpa Bear looked happy.

"I had a lovely day today, but sorry about my spectacles!"

"Oh silly Grandpa Bear!" The whole family chuckled.

The End

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