i am sorry, for wanting to be a success. 

all i ever wanted was to make you proud

im sorry i'm not like the rest,

i never ment to make you frown,

everything you'v asked, i'v always done,

even though it made me depressed, i held my tongue,

you'v pulled me back and imprisioned me, and i put up with it,

you emotionally abused me,and lots of other's i wont admit

you'v killed me now inside, but not out,  i will stand tall, wont show my doubt,

sulk alone, but never cry, you'r cruelty bled my emotions dry,

kick me when im down, clip my wings so i cant fly,

but one day i will leave you mother, and never will i return,

till then my dear, your poisonis ways, i shall just edure,

but when i leave, you will regret you'r ways,

and i will laugh at you'r tears,

till that day, you evil bitch, my face should be your fear


The End

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