Now comes the time when I get to eat. I'm all excited and happy, for once. I realise I have worn the same clothes for the last four days, I really don't care. I reach for the strawberry deodorant on the top of my drawers and spray my clothes with it. I enjoy the smell of strawberries. 

I walk out of my room and to the front door, unlock it, walk out and then lock the door. Next thing, I feel someone breathing down the back of my neck. 

"Mmmmmm strawberries" a familiar female voice whispers into my ear. I feel my heart in my mouth, my heartbeat in my ears and my throat has suddenly gone as dry as a bone. I go to turn, but my right arm is held tightly and an elbow is being shoved into my back. 

"Missed me?" she asks. I am speechless, flabbergasted and baffled to what is going on. "Twenty years and you've got nothing to say to me you little bitch." 

The End

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