I’m falling into a deep sleep quite easily. This makes a nice change. My eyelids fall heavier and heavier, and I find myself going into the dream land. I wonder what I will dream about tonight.



I’m gripping onto my Mothers top walking through a crowd of people. I feel so small, so innocent. A gunshot fires in the distance.

“Mummy!” I yell and grip tighter.

“It’s okay darling, just stick close to me and Daddy, we’ll be home soon” she looks down and smiles at me, that smile. I know everything will be fine. I smile back, knowing that everything will be fine.

“Nobody move!” someone yells. Gunfire. This time, it won’t stop. I look about manically. Blood splatters on my clothes, my face. I look down, my mother, my father, lying on the ground, lifeless. I go to my knees and look over at them.

“Mummy?” I shake her. “Daddy?” gunshot. I look behind.. nothing... I look about... lots and lots of bodies lying there, lifeless, bloody.

“Mummy?” tears to my eyes. I wipe them with my sleeve. “Daddy?” I look at them both. Their lifeless bodies, the blood. I lie next to my mother and hold her hand, I take my fathers, and hold his. I will never let go, I will not move, I will stay here forever.


The pain is too much. I lunge forward and throw my hands to my head.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!” I scream. I lean forward and to my left side, that memory, that nightmare, will never leave me. 

The End

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