Sora was sleeping like an angel and dreaming of being at home on destiny islands with his partents and sister Soina, when a lound trumpet woke him up. Soina was finally awake at that time too. When Sora looked outside, it was derserted. there was no one in sight. Sora and Soina slowly walked outside once they agreed that they thought it was safe. Up ahead, They could see a gate which would lead them away from the bad manga people's village. Just when they were about to reach the gate and escape, out of their hiding place came the manga people! Sora summoned some anime friends from his dreams to help them. But there were just too many manga people. Bad manga people far away in the mountain, smiled a evil smile as they watched their plan work. They had manged to tack control of the good manga people and made Sora and Soina think they were bad people!. The 'bad'(controled) manga people surroed Sora, Soina and the anime dream people. They were trapped! Sora summoned key balde for the anime dream people and incoruged Soina and the anime dream people to summon Maths, the world's great mouse spy!

The End

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