A red flash.Mature

Sonia turned around suddenly as we were nearing. Curiosity took over me so I turned to see what had grabbed her attention. "What?" I asked her when I saw nothing but the path we had just walked past. "I thought I saw something move." She told me her eyes widens a fraction more that normal. "There is nothing there. Now let's keep going before it turns dark." I told her as I turned and started to continue walking. After I had gone 20 paces, she began to follow me. Next it was me who turned as, out of the side of my eye, I saw something bright red apear and then vanish. "Did you see that?" I asked my sister. I turned to look at her. She was staring behind me her eyes wide in fear as I heard a twig snap behind me. I started to turn but felt a knock to my head. I fell forward with the force as stars started to dance around my eyesite. I vaguely sense my sister fall down next to me before I black out completely.
The End

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