shadows and mysterysMature

As the girl led us in to her home, a shadow luching in the the dark moved swiftly. " Watch out for  bandits!" she warned us. Once we got inside, we ased for her name. "Just call me Graxe for now" she said. we then told her our names. Then her brother came, his blak spikey hair shined as he walked in. Once he set his emerald green eyes on Sonia, his eyes glisened and sparked. Graxe introduced us to him and said his name is Jake. So once Graxe showed us to our rooms we went to bed.

Meanwhile, outside the shadows ran back to a gloomy castle where the leader of the outlawed bad manga people lived  while  his people lived in the village next to it. The shadows in others badits told him about Sora and Sonia and also about they thinking they're from another world but shouldn't be here. The leader known as Manga Head started getting angry and told his bandits to keep on spieing on them and when the time is right, for them to captuer Sora and Sonia so they can never ever go home but also kill them.

The next day we told Graxe and Jake that we would be heading out to find the manga people for their help. Graxe gave us two rings with a crown printed on it to protect us from badits and bad guys. So we said thank you and set off to find the manga people to help us.

Manga people are said to be a legend but they help people whenever they can but they've  powers that some people will never understand...

So after a few hours, Me and Sonia  were trying to follow the directions Graxe had told us. "How much further?" Sonia moaned to me a few hours later. "Not much now" I replied. In less than two mins, we had climbed a hill and could see an view. While we were admireing the view, something caught my eye. I spotted a village close by. So we went down to it. But what we didn't know was that something strange was about to happend..

The End

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