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A ninja girl called Kira known as Kiki with blonde hair and blue eyes

was walking in to town after visiting some special manga friends of hers when she spotted a boy with brown spikey hair  with blue eyes and a girl with brown long hair with aquamarine dark blue eyes -Sora and Sonia-      

walking towards her. She deicded to tell them the news her friends told her. She walked towards them and warned them that some manga people might not be what they seem. Before Sora could ask her name, she dissappered in thin air! What she lft behind was note that said: If a girl lets you stay in your home, let her, but beware there are bad people out there and if they find out you exisit they will want you!! So be careful.

Kira or Kiki

So as the the sun slowly began to set, we began to ask for shelter.

Everyone we asked turned us down. Sonia tried to cheer me up by telling me my blue eyes are pretty. It cheered me up a little as i looked at her aquamarine dark blue eyes. A kind-hearted black haired girl with brown eyes lets us stay with her and her brother.

The End

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