Sora- His storyMature

Its about sora and his sister going to other worlds- like the real world- and meeting new people, friends and enimeis along the way.
also about manga people....

I'm flying. flying home with my sister. she's called Sonia and I'm Sora. Sora the hero or the to be hero. I'm here on my island, looking at sky and waves lapping on the shore. Sonia is a friend of Kairi's but not really her sister. Anyway we're all sitting on the palm tree, thinking of what's and how to find out. After we've colleted the things we needed, we call in for a day. a storm starts brewing outside, I rush to procet the boats we made. Mum calls me but I never hear her. Sonia comes looking for me and sees me once I've got the keyblade. Instantly she gets one too. We hold hands and transport to other worlds to defeat heartless and pigsnappers. I can change my apperance and so can Sonia , from boy to girl or girl to boy! We learn more  magic and techniques along the way. We finally decide to check back home just in case someone needed help. Everything was normal when they went into the serect hiding place(hidout) apart from the door,  there is an extended garden with green water lillies, bluebells and cherry blossoms playing music but it also has a path that leads to light. we follow the the path to the light and transport to a world we've never been before- the real world! Since we're not used to being here, we have to defend ourselves and learn how things go around here.

The End

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