Sophie's school years Chapter one.Mature

Prelude -

Ughh Summers almost over! It sinks! Ohh well.... I guess I should get started
on this! My name is Sophia Elizabeth.. I go by Sophie though :)

My life STARTS with school. My mom always wants me to be an A+ Student when I
don't really care! People classify me as "Emo" Or "Punk"

But I'm me! Here's some facts-- I USED to be emo!  Black hair blue streaks!
17 :D And I'm 5'7 :)  Soo School starts tommorrow and I'm Oober

nervous! I've always hated school. But this year I have the car and I'm ready
to go!  And it's 11 O'clock right now so I'ma go to bed! :D

Chapter one- School.

Sophie was walking around school trying to find her classes. New school new
everything right? Her locker number is 144 next to 145.

She never sees the person who owns locker 145. But who cares?  Sophie was
dressed in black leather tights and a baggy shirt with beaded

belt. Black eyeliner and some mascara. Sophie has Brown eyes. Not the usual
blue. She was heading to her first class and of course her

first class HAD to be gym. "I hate those coaches" Sophie silently thought to
herself. But as she walked into the gymansium with a smile...

The coaches came up to her and congradulated her on making the academic team
(All the coaches thinks it's a sin to be there instead of

sports) Sophie just thanked them and went to do sit ups with her new found
partner in gym. Her name was Rosalie. She had bright red

Hair with black roots. Rosalie introduced herself as "Rose" Sophie thought to
herself "Me and this girl could be friends..." So Sophie

Struck up a convo! Sophie first said "Umm Your good at sit ups..."  Rose
thanked her. Sophie later found out the her nd Rose were locker

mates. (143) Rose and Sophe exchanged phone numbers and went to their next
classes. Sophie had math next. Rose had reading.

Sophie strolled along to her class. Passing gracefully by everyone... Not a
care in the world.... Sophie closed her eyes for what she

thought was jjust a few seconds and then 'CRASH! Sophie was on the ground
'CRASH so was a guy.

The End

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