A new SophieMature

As Sophie got older, things got harder. Kids at Brook Childrens' Home weren't the nicest. Sophie was a sweet kid, with an open heart. She had no ability to hurt anyone or anything. Sophie turned fourteen, and things started to change. Every day was a nightmare. They pushed her, pulled her mousy brown hair, until she felt so low and suicidal. 

But one Tuesday night, she decided.

The next morning, she cracked open the pig-bank she'd kept since she had came to Brook. It was filled with masses of coins, that she'd never used. She poured them into her grubby pockets, and set off to the hairdresser with Sally. Sally was the nicest member of staff there. She always tried to intervene when the others were hurting Sophie.

Sophie picked a new style and colour for her hair. Results were amazing. She looked so much better in her new jet black layers. She smiled politely and agreed that she loved it. With the money left over, she bought eyeliner pencils, and new clothes. She liked the new person she was becoming and it gave her confidence.

Only five days later, reality kicked back. Another social worker came to Brook and sat Sophie down in the plush chairs of the formal office. Sophie had been in here twice, the whole time she'd been at Brook, ever since she was nine. The social worker was old, with auburn hair and dull eyes. Whenever she tried to smile it looked cold. Sophie stiffened up and listened to every work she spoke.

"I'm sorry Sophie. Your sister, Louisa. The seven year old.. She's gone to heaven."

Sophie's world fell apart. Every month, she would go and see her younger sister Louisa, as they had been seperated when they got took into care. But Louisa had been in a car accident, and was dead. Sophie lived for those visits.

It broke her beaten heart.

The End

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