How it startedMature

"Sophie?" A woman's voice called up the stairs. "Are you up yet, love?"

Typically, you would think this would be Sophie's mother. It wasn't. Sophie's mother was a drug addict, and wasn't fit enough to look after Sophie. So, let's rewind in history, back to when Sophie was nine.


A woman sat there, slumped against the wall. The room was littered with cheap beer cans, syringes, packets of powder, and children. Normally, the woman would hear the children crying out for help. But not now. She was so far into her own imaginary, made-up world, she couldn't tell that Sophie was crying, trying to provide for her younger sisters. Bawling, they wouldn't shut up. Sophie desperately tried to get them to quieten down, but nothing worked. Cradling them in her bony arms, she cried out to her mother.

"Mummy! Mummy, please!" 

But the woman didn't blink an eyelid. She was a disgrace. Her hair hung limp over her eyes, it hadn't been washed for a week. Her skin was saggy, and she could of been mistaken for a 40 something year old, when in fact, she was only 24, a young mother with a misdirection in life.

Sophie realised her mummy wasn't going to help. She carefully laid the babies on the floor and edged to the door slowly. Tears dripped down her cheeks but she didn't brush them away. She unlocked the door and opened it, leading out to a grubby corridoor. Grabbing the babies and strapping them into the double buggy, she gave it all she had and heaved them out of the door, into the lift. Sophie was a smart child. She understood maths, and english, and was good at decisions. She pressed the 'G' button and exited the lift. Then, she sat on the street with the babies, and the first respectfully dressed person walked along. She tugged at his coat, and he turned, unplugged his iPod, and stared.

"Please help us."

Things happened quickly from there. Sophie was took to temporary foster care and her sisters were moved away from her. Sophie felt lonely but learned to live with it. A quiet, misunderstood girl, she was then moved to a childrens' home, where she would never, live happily ever after.


The End

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