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Herschel’s Log

Monday, March 10, 1941

           It’s been a long slow day, but somehow I haven’t found a minute alone since I got off that bus. It’s after midnight now and I’m writing in my bed with the lamp from the desk. I couldn’t sleep even if I wanted to. Erich is snoring like a derailed locomotive and Gabe’s mumbling in his sleep. Shit, it’s going to be a long year.

My roommates are unusual, though no more unusual than me, I guess. Jim’s American, which makes him unlikeable around here even though he seems to be the most normal of us. Gabe is all right, but really quiet. But we’re all quiet at this point, and of the three of them I feel like he’s the one who wouldn’t be an asshole if he actually talked. Erich scares me. He seems just like the Germans from back home. Or he would be if he ever opened his mouth. He’s said the least so far, so hopefully I haven’t made an enemy of him yet.

I’m starting to worry. Maybe I’m not so safe here. Dad always told me we would be safe in England, if we ever made it. But now that I’m here, I’m more on edge than ever.

Shit. Jim’s moving around. I think I woke him up. I should turn out the light. Classes start tomorrow. It looks like we all have British History together first period, so I guess I’ll be getting to know my roommates a little better.

The End

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