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Ian Raivis

"That's suicidal. We aren't going to Texas not by flight anyways, and why the hell should we listen to some crazy scary fuck who seems to have these crazy powers and also seems to be manipulating everything from the shadows. I'm not sure about you but I'm not someone who is going to let myself get used if I can help it." I started yelling at Leo who was holding the two tickets.

"I don't think it's fucking great idea either Ian. But you heard what he said didn't you? He said he can make all of this vanish. I don't doubt him he.... He isn't fucking human who know's what he can do. He also said that if we play nice that he can make sure we can go where we need to go. and seeing so far he got us here without him we would be in jail or worse bleeding in some hole somewhere dead." Leo yelled back. 

People were going to notice us so I tried to calm down, but I could still feel it all in chest boiling, and frothing violently. My arms and face were red with heat and shaking with the weight of everything that was happening.

"Okay those are good points, but lets just piece this together before we just do what were told by this guy. One as the countries two most wanted criminals going to the airport seems to be the exact opposite of what we want to do. Two this guy is our enemy if he isn't the one who transported us here he is definitely related to it. He is the one who put us in this position. But if he is speaking the truth our safest option is to go the airport and go Texas because he has it all handled. If we ignore what he is saying we're in just as much or worse danger then huh. Three I don't know how possibly he is going to make this all 'vanish' unless he has the ability to instate a new U.S. government that suddenly loves terrorists, or completely destroy everything. Which with what we say it can be anything in between and or turtle because really at this point nothing makes sense." I say not only getting everything together out loud but starting to put it all together in my head.

"Alright, but you said it the danger is about equal whether he is lying or not so we are going to the airport. and if that's where we are caught then that's how it is. That's as far as we go because even if we go home we still face what we face here. So let's find a change of clothes and go." Leo said strongly.

I was thankful that if there was anyone I was going to go through this with it was him because even with my current level of clarity I don't what I would  be doing if I was with someone who was going to breakdown.

"Alright seeing that the city is on lockdown it should be easy to find a closed  shitty little clothing shop to steal some clothes from, and not get discovered."

I thought out loud. Following Leo onto the street which had very little traffic  and people on it but only for so long. Soon emergency vehicles and volunteers will be heading this way. We needed to get a new set of clothing soon, and a hoody to aid in hiding our faces. It took the better part of a half an hour to find our target store and the equipment; A.K.A. a big ass rock; to raid it for clothes. Once the glass broke we scrambled grabbing a shitty backpack and a few sets of clothing that fit before hoofing it through the streets.  Things were going well; we met little problem as long as we stayed off main roads and people as much as we could. By the evening we had made it to the John.F.Kennedy airport. The place was crawling with cops,swat, and maybe even the military. This was pure insanity, it was a joke there was no way were going to get in.

"Leo this isn't a reality, it's a joke. Whatever...." Suddenly a sleek black Limo had pulled up beside us and the back doors opened while the front window slid down.

"Mr. Raivis, and Mr Cole?" A deep voice said.

"Yes." I said.

"Get in."

"What?" I said walking up to the drivers seat meeting the poker face of a large black man, that could probably snap me in half like a toothpick if he wanted to.

"Get in now." He said Calmly.

"Yes. Sure right away um guy. Thanks."  I said sitting in the back.

"Do you know what I don't get Leo. Why do we need to do this. This guy can get us past security. Appear and disappear at will. Blow up buildings. Why do we need to go Texas. Why do we need to do anything what value is there in letting two clueless young men that he is obviously aiding to get us to do this. I don't understand." I said calmly as limo was let past the security easily.

"How the hell am I supposed to know Ian. Fuck. Didn't you think I was thinking the same thing?" He said back at me slightly irritated.

"Hey guy!"

"My name is Martin." The driver replied.

"Martin. Why are we needed for this do you know? You must be related to this creepy mofo with black eyes and sharp teeth seeing that your not trying to get us arrested."

"It's not for me to say. Mr Raivis."

"Oh come on this is bullshit. Something slightly less vague would be better man. I'm racking my brains here how am I supposed to do my job blind here."

"I don't care how your job is done Mr. Raivis. It does not affect me."

"Really helpful err Martin." What kinda name is Martin anyways?

The Limo drove past the entrance of the airport and was directed through and around the building till we were on the airstrip where we saw a private jet set waiting in the middle of a barren airport.

"No way is that for us?" Leo said with his jaw open and his eyes wide.

"Yes. The Prince has arranged for you two to ride private jet to Texas. I'm sure you will find the trip. Relaxing." Martin said so close to monotone it was almost like listening to a black terminator.

"The Prince?" I asked.

"Probably the scary guy." Leo said. Readying himself to leave.

" Hey Martin thanks for your trouble. Even if you answers were bullshit you got us by somehow man." I said Jumping out of the Limo.

We climbed up the stairs into an empty luxurious private jet. With golden trims leather seating, fine booze, high def sound system four K tv's and windows.  I couldn't believe my eyes. I dropped my bag in astonishment.

"This is fucking incredible. Man how. Actually better not to ask holy shit why the fuck? This is nuts. This can't be happening." I said more but it more along the same lines.

This shit was unheard of. I should be dreading this but each turn I was just getting more and more surprised it didn't give me time to feel anything. We settled down. their was no introduction from the pilots or captains, or any stewardess's to tells anything. The plane just set off. It was uncanny but something told me that I did not want to know the answer. I took advantage of the seating and relaxed but it didn't take long for the storm of thoughts, fears, doubts, and worry struck me.

"What do you think our parent's are thinking right now."  Leo asked.

"What the fuck, how the fuck, when the fuck. Hell there probably more confused than us." I said, " I wish I can talk to them and try to explain it, but even if I could it wouldn't help. I couldn't even tell them its gonna be alright." I said, trying not to think about it anymore.

It didn't stop me though. A whole nation thought I was responsible for the lives that were lost in the last 30 hours. I wasn't evil but I sure as hell felt evil for letting myself continue on with what was happening, would it stop if I stopped? There wasn't enough information to determine that I just hoped that my choice to live free was the right one. I couldn't let this weight crush me I had to move forward. I had to find out what was happening and if possible I was going to stop it. It would be the only way to justify the freedom and life I had right now.  Leo put some movie I hadn't seen before on the T.V which helped fill in the three hours to fly into Texas. Where we began our descent into what I assumed was Houston. Why the hell were we landing in one of the bigger cities of Texas. Did this prince guy intend to get us killed or just do a scary tour of the united states as a alleged terrorist?We landed and were allowed to walk through VIP section of the airport avoiding most of the general public, but once we had made it to other end that's when we came to a halt.

"Well now what the hell do we do." I said to Leo.

The End

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