Explosions in the NightMature

      The building exploded.

     And not just part of it, we're talking a blast that started in the lower floors that must have leveled part of the supports or something because the rest of the building started crashing down it sending plumes of dust and debris flashing out all around, the people in the streets that had been watching quickly ran for cover and the sound of sirens started filling the streets as me and Ian ran for it. 

         There have been a few times in my life that i've ran before, for the little stunts where i decided to eat healthy, to get out a little bit of energy before going to bed, but nothing prepares you for the flow of adrenaline that pushes you when the other option is death. Normally with this much push my heart and legs would be feeling it, but i'm guessing the adrenaline running through me got me through it, passing through dark ally ways, seeing the faces of confused and scared homeless people as the roaring sirens surrounded us, we ran for almost ten miniutes until we got into a quiet street corner somewhere, probably the back door to a resteraunt or somthing considering the trash can smelled sitting by the door smelled of vile rotting mess. 

        I kneeled next to the wall, my adrenaline starting to wear off and my legs where starting to wobble from over exhaustion. I looked to Ian who was in slightly better shape then i was, but he was also knelt against the garbage can trying to catch his breath. 

 "You know Leo, i wouldn't call anything in the situation we're in to be lucky, but fuck are we lucky that we didn't get caught" he said inbetween gasps 

     "You know Ian, you're right, no part of this situation is lucky, just what the fuck is going on here, we woke up and all of a sudden we're fucking terrorists, and that building!" I turned to him and felt myself start to get angry "Just what the fuck is going on here, people don't just up and transport to fucking  New York, and me and you were passed the fuck out, i remember getting back to the hotel and going the fuck to sleep. And those gaurds! Like, what the fuck happened there, some shadow or something popped out of the fucking wall and killed them!" 

  "Yeah, I mean i saw someone...just before the building exploded behind me...A man with..." 

"Black hair and Sharp teeth?"

"That's the guy. You saw him too?" 

"Yeah...in the hotel bathroom last night, just thought it was some sort of hallucination caused by the drink" 

 Ian looked at me as if i'm an idiot and responded "You don't hallucinate off of alcohol, you should have told me you saw shit" 

"Yeah, you know, I wasn't quite thinking about talking at all after i saw that, just going to bed, and lets be fucking honest we had no time to talk with COPS AT OUR FUCKING DOOR!"  

     With that i heard a chuckle, and i looked over at the wall to see a shadow of a man that wasn't there, which began to reach out of the wall. The darkness turned into swirls of smoke which slowly materialized into bones and flesh, and as his hand started to turn solid the rest of his body started to pull itself out of the wall, and if this wasn't unnerving enough,  his face started to materialize creating the jet black eyes and the sharp teeth. I felt myself back up closer to the wall. 

    "Gentleman, Is now really the time to be arguing?" he said, his voice was deep and smooth. He was a tall man, taller then both me and Ian, and he stood dressed to the nines, like he was getting ready for some sort of court hearing,  wearing a dark blue coat on top of a red dress shirt, and a black tie.  

      "Okay who are you and how did you fucking do that?" I asked, my voice stammering as i tried to keep control over myself. 

   "Please, keep the questions until the end of the show!" He said with a toothy grin. 

   "Show? What Show?" Asked Ian

    "Ah, don't you see? The Show that you," he said pointing towards Ian, "and master Cole here are the main actors of!" He started to turn towards one of the exits of the Ally "I mean, what else would you call fantastical chase scenes, two men on the lamb as they say, and to top it all off, Fireworks!" 

    I felt a deep crunch in my stomach, this fucker was talking about the shit we've been through the last couple hours as if it was a friday night play, i walked towards him ready to slam this smug fucker in the face, i raised my fist, swung back, and then swung. Without realizing he was gone i had hit nothing, i swaggered forward. I felt a tap on my shoulder and i turned around to see his smug smile. 

       "Now Now Mister Cole, always the fist, never using his words." he said, followed by a tut tut "In any case, the next stop on this show is a little town in Texas, a girl will be waiting for you there, someone lost and all alone in this screwed up universe, now if the two of you play nicely, i'll make sure that you get where you need to go, and all of this will just....vanish" He said, and upon finishing his sentance he vanished, and in his step two plane tickets to Austin, Texas appeared and fluttered to the ground.

The End

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