I wouldn't call it luck, but we're luckyMature

Ian Raivis

What in the serious fuck? No one! No one is this unlucky, and no one not even in the movies gets so drunk that they wake up in new york as accused terrorists after a heavy drinking. How much time did I have to think this through? Fuck I hadn't even decided what I was going to eat this morning. Why the fuck was I thinking about that? No I had to decide how I was  going to deal with this insane fucking situation.

" This has got to be fake your fucking kidding me right." I say quietly to Leo.

"Dude do you think I would put this much work into fucking with you?" He replied frantically trying to control his urge to freak out.

"NO." I mouthed shaking my head grabbing my shirt off the floor.

"We know you're in there. We'll give you one more minute to come out peacefully." The cop said from the door.

"What the fuck do we do?" I asked looking out the window. Yeah no; that wasn't an option we were fucked I thought as I saw streets far far below us. I start making my way to the door putting my hands on my head.

"No No NO." Leo hissed," We give ourselves in; we are going to jail and never seeing the light of day again."

"Then what do you propose? We're not going out the window. We aren't going to sit here getting shot."

"You have thirty seconds!"

I start walking towards the door the full extent of the situation not quite hitting me. Whatever was waiting on the other side of the door couldn't have be the absolute worst decision. It would all get figured out. Leo and I didn't do it. Our bank statements would show that we were in Squamish last night; that it would be impossible for us to be the ones that blew it up. Although it was just as impossible that we were in New york now. How the fuck did we get caught up in all of this? I had frozen up at the door my hand shaking over the handle.

"We'r.....we're..... we're coming out! Don't shoot!" I said loudly at the door. Opening meeting three fully outfitted swat officers holding glocks at my face. My hands were in the air.

"Where is the other one?" One said his gun getting uncomfortably close to my face.

"In the room. Should be coming. We're unarmed." I said trying not to start blubbering a whole bunch of shit they wouldn't care about. I could hear Leo's footsteps getting closer to the door.  I assumed his hands were in the air as the officers lowered their guns and forced us against the walls harshly.

"We have the two suspects in custody."

"You pieces of shit have a lot to answer for!" One said so angrily I could hear his teeth grinding as he spoke.

 They forced us to our knee's and brought our hands behind our back I head the clanging of handcuffs. I closed my eyes waiting to feel the metal wrap around my wrists but instead I heard a pop and I felt warm blood splatter down my back and hands. I yelled in shock expecting to see Leo to be drenched in his own blood only to hear a thump behind me.

"What the hell..." POP. There was another thump. I turned around to see that one of the officers had shot the other two and was shakily holding a gun pointed at his fellow officers. His face contorted with horror.  Why did he? Suddenly his shadow on the wall began to wobble as a dark arm grew out of it grabbing the top of his head. I couldn't stop watching. Partially out of complete horror and the other because it was so unprecedented I couldn't believe my own eyes. The hand grabbed the top of the officers head and snapped his neck.  This was so fucked did I actually see that? This can't be real! The hand disappeared as the body fell lifelessly to the ground.

"Leo are you?What?"

"I don't fucking know man. This is bad. We have to get the fuck out." He grabbed one of the officers pistols. I did the same.

"There is no way now that they aren't going to just execute us on spot now"  Leo said running down the hallway top speed.

"No fucking kidding." I mumbled. Seeing the bodies of my more swat officers. Who, or what did this? My heart was pumping hard. I could feel it in my chest rhythmically pushing me forwards. I could hear it in my veins, I could feel the adrenaline in my system. My lungs took deeper breaths my eyes saw more.  The questions of how this all could have happened was forced away. There was just running down this hallway with Leo.

"They probably have all the exits covered. The elevator would be a death trap." I said as one came into site, " The stairs I would imagine won't be much better.

"Better than leaving us as an easy target." Leo said ripping the door open allowing me to go first. I looked down the railing point the gun down the stairs. I didn't see any officers and  started darting down the stairs frantically Leo on my heels. Our footsteps echoed through the stairwell like a fucking alarm bell. We totally blew any hope of stealth in our adrenaline driven escape. Nearing the bottom of the stairs we were lucky not to encounter an officer. We took a moment to catch our breaths before peaking out the glass  on the door to the parkade.

" I don't see any of them." I said trying to make it seem like I wasn't breathing hard.

"There must be some here. It would be insane to leave any route of escape unchecked."

"That excusing the rest of the insane shit that puts us here. fuck it we open the door on three quietly look. Then we fucking keep going till we can't anymore." I said grabbing the knob on the door.  Leo shook his head.

"This is fucking insane."

"It'll make for a great story if we can make it through." I said not really thinking," three, two.....one." I opened the door and peeked at the sides. Looked clear. I moved out keeping low making sure my head was below the line of car roofs that filled the parkade. Leo came out behind me and slowly shut the door sure not to make a noise before we snuck between a blue mustang and a silver SUV. On the other side there were some swat officers pacing and keeping an eye out. We scrambled backwards. There was no way in hell we were going to get farther without getting spotted. We sat in silence contemplating our next move when the sound of there radio broke through.

"Officers down. Lethal force is allowed. Security feed suggests suspects in the parkade. Armed, and dangerous."  Our day just kept getting better.

I was unsure of how to continue but that didn't stop Leo from doing possibly the stupidest thing I had ever seen him do. He raised his gun and shot across the parkade hitting a yellow car off in the distance.  The gun shot echoed throughout the parkade and the swat officers were looking in the direction of the car that he had shot. We moved forwards our footsteps echoed they turned. We shot we missed they missed. We ducked between the struggling to keep running. The next few moments blurred together as we managed to weave between cars, and bullets. We shot off behind us hoping to keep them dissuaded from coming after us. We were running out of bullets and I'm sure that soon enough our luck would falter. Ahead I could see the exit onto the streets. It wasn't our saving grace but there was nowhere left to go.  We reached the last line of cars bullets danced around us. I raised my pistol and shot over and over again until I was out before running. Leo followed as flurry of bullets came at us I felt one graze my shoulder as we managed to make it into the sunlight were the sound of an helicopter above met us. Terror shooting through me I ran right out of line of fire, but it wouldn't be long till we were picked off by a sniper or the helicopter. Something cold grabbed my should causing me to look behind to see face with impossibly black eyes, and sharp teeth grinning.

"Good work boys." It said before an explosion rocked the building causing us to fall on our asses. Dust and smoke started fill the air. As glass from above began to fall. We started running again this time not from bullets but from a falling building.  Much later we found ourselves far from the chaos in a dark alley panting heavily. I looked across from me. Leo looked as bad as I felt. There were millions of questions I wanted to ask especially about that thing, that we had saw before the building exploded,but all I could manage to say was; "I wouldn't call that lucky, but fuck we are lucky to be alive."

The End

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