Leo: Night in a boxMature

                  I don't remember much of the rest of the night after we were teleported, but what i do remember are in flashes, lots of booze does that to yah.

   I remember standing there, blindsided by this sudden teleportation craziness, as Ian freaked out beside me, It wasn't that i wasn't completly flipping out of my fucking mind myself, but the drink had a tendancy to make my reaction time slowed, by the time everything had caught up with me, me and Ian had already made the decision to stumble towards a hotel to at-least catch our breath before we figure something out, and when i realized, this wave of panic split through me entirely, and I spilled my guts violently into the nearest garbage can. 

        Next, Ian had passed his credit card to the receptionist at some hotel we passed by, she made an imprint, and smiled politely, although she was probably used to drunk people by now she was clearly freaked out about our panic'd behavior, i tried my best to crack a crooked grin back but for all i knew i was sticking my tounge out at the girl. We got up into the room quick.

          The last memory I recall before blasting into darkness was splashing water into my face in this bathroom, and i remember wondering how Ian could afford such a ritzy place, they even had these little bottles of shampoo that had ginger or some shit in them that made your hair smell absolutley delicious. I turned the valve, shutting off the water, and grabbed a towel to wipe my face. An interesting thing, and this could have been a result of my paranoid freak outs at the whole teleportation thing, but i could have sworn that as i looked at the mirror, a face was there behind me, with deep eye's that could have easily been black holes, sucking all light except the glint that shined off of it's grinning teeth.

     The next morning i was slumped crawled into my blankets, the morning sun poring in, and a lumberjack in my head splitting wood. For half a second I believed that i was in my bed at home, and pushed the blankets aside freaking out that maybe i had slept in and missed work, which was usually justified, i missed work a lot, if not for the fact that i was thousands of miles away...and it was a sunday. 

    Ian was still passed out, his snores roaring throughout the room, he was a mean hungover, so i did what i could, grabbed a monster from the minibar and turned on the T.V to see if i could catch the 11 o'clock news. 

    "....no further reports have come in from the police about the apprehension of current suspects in the distruction of the Bertelsmann Building, Leonardo Cole and Ian Raivis. Police continue to keep the streets of Manhattan on Lock-down until these men have been arrested" 

    What the fuck. WHAT THE FUCK. I don't remember at which point my brain lost connection with my body but my monster can went flying down on the ground, and i was up pulling my pants on before i had realized what was going on. 

     "Ian wake the fuck up." I turned to his bed and yelled to him. 

      Ian growled back in response, he was never a morning person. I pulled the blanket off him and his eyes flipped open quickly, at first he looked livid, then saw the gravity of the situation in my eyes and got up quickly. 

    "What's going on man? Where the fuck are we?" He asked, confused as fuck. 

    "You don't remember? Last night we were uh...we were walking home and all of a sudden we were in fucking New York or something" I said, pulling my shirt over my head. 

 "Okay, so if that's so fucking insane. So why are we going at this so frantically?" 

 "Uh...the chick on the news just said we were guilty of blowing up some building in times square, the Bertelsman Building" 

 At those words i heard the three noises that i was dread, three loud knocks on the door. Followed by

 "Cole, Raivis, we know you're in there, and we have three 9 milimetre pistols pointed at level with your fucking heads, come on out or we will be authorized to use brutal force under suspicion of acts of terrorism!" 

The End

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