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In a world where demons and angels exist. Where a demon prince the once reigning ruler of the world weaves plans to destroy humanity in a torrent of chaos. Amidst those plans is his two harbingers of chaos that he created. This story is about them.

Ian Raivis

It was four'o'clock , and it was Friday. Which meant one thing the weekend had officially arrived and it was time to pack the tools. With a smile on my face I skillfully spin my pliers into the tool pouch.

"I'm heading home screw this mess we can come back to it Monday. Eh Phil?"

"Is it four already?"

"fuck yeah buddy. Have a good weekend aight?"

"Yeah. Take care Ian don't go to crazy this weekend though alright. Need you to be on your toes Monday." Phil said standing up from the concrete floor wires hanging out of a plastic box.

"Yeah. I will keep that in mind. See you Monday." I said walking out the door just as my phone goes off. By the text tone I can tell it's Leo.


"PUBNIGHT!" I reply then add in a second message, " At the shady right? I love playing darts there."

"Sure. Wanna come by play some games get some predrinking going?" Leo texts back.

"Does horse shit roll down hill?"

"Um yes?"

"Yes. See ya in a bit bro."

Leo and I have known each other for most of our academic lives. We weren't always super close but by the time he had come to high school a year after me we had become close friends and nothing has changed that since then. I slung my tools in the trunk and jumped into the front seat starting the engine and coaxing the clutch into position as I slowly apply the gas before I raced out of the parking lot.


Leo's apartment wasn't much but it was better then my setup. I was living at home with my parents like a chump. Well a quickly gaining money kind of chump, but it kinda sucked couldn't bring home any girls. What could you do though it's a summer job and I would be going back to university in a couple of months: so what's the loss of a few freedoms besides the girls worth going after in Squamish were already taken anyways.

"Jesus man! Learn to fucking knock!" Leo Yells from the living room as I kick my shoe's off.

"Why the fuck would I do that?" I say putting a case of beers in the fridge in exchange for some rum and coke, "I'm making a rum and coke you down?"

"Sure." He calls from the living room.

I come out with two cups almost overloaded with alcohol and deliciousness to the point of nearly spilling over.

"Thanks." He says taking a quick sip before motioning to my controller.

"What game is it?"  I ask.

"super smash bros." He replies frantically placing the controller on the table as the screen gets get saturated with intense action. I finish about half my cup before I join him.  A few hours pass by as we drink more, talk, laugh it up, and yell absolute bullshit about button mashing or hit bots..

"Its 8:30 man lets head out."Leo says before finishing a bottle of beer.

"alright yeah just let me finish my....... Oh. nevermind finished already."

" No hurling tonight." He points a finger at me.

" Dude man I swear I've gotten better since last time. My stomach was a bit upset back then."

"Yeah sure, if thats what you want to call drinking three and half jugs of beer to yourself a bit of an upset stomach. " He says as we walk out the door.

"hang on a sec. Want to make sure im not still wearing dirt on my face from work." I said taking a right into the bathroom, continueing the conversation, "hey by the way that's like 14 pints of beer to myself alright. What do you expect?"  I replied. He didn't answer.

I looked into my own reflection. I could feel a the buzz already as I stared into my own blue eyes, and messy brown hair, and my chin. I would often do this when realizing my own inebriation. I wasn't a super athletic guy but I was toned somewhat working as an apprentice in the trades kept me well muscled and the regular bicycle rides on Fridays kept me something a kin to being slim. I got a rag and wiped my face off before joining Leo.

"Hey you think were gonna see that really cute chick that we saw last time that hung with us what was her name?" He started.

"Er umm the blond blue eyes, low cut shirt with a skirt?"



"Yeah. You got her number right?"

"Yeah." I said hoping he would move off topic.

"How did that go?" He asked. Fuck.

"Well I think she was interested in me but later on we started hanging out with Mike and now there dating."

"Harsh. Why didn't you just ask her out?"

"I don't know. I am bummed about it man so..."

"No were not going to get bummed out tonight. Tonight were going to own the place." He said quickening his step. I smiled.

"Fuck yeah lets wreck some people at darts."

The bar was filling up a couple of guys wearing those stupid ball caps and wife beaters sun burnt to shit had taken up residence at the dart board. Leaving the pool table open which was equally as good anyways. I paid for the first round grabbing the least beaten up stick placing it over my shoulder.

"You break you paid." He  said

"Why thank you. Mind ordering the first jug of beer?" I ask.

"Nah I'll let you." He said grabbing a stick and rolling the balls into place.

"So kind good sir!" I say firing off the white ball into the triangle causing a less than exciting break as the most of the balls stayed on end of the table slightly scattered.

"Have you already had a little too much?"


"What can I get you gentlemen?" A rather striking waitress, wearing a black dress that was about knee high with that revealed just the right amount of cleavage to get a good tip.

"what's on special tonight?" Leo asked.

"We have.."

"Rickards red." I said as Leo shot me a glare.

"We always have that."

"That's because its the only beer worth having here in a jug I'm certainly not drinking Budweiser.

"If I win you have to drink two jugs of bud."He challenged me.

"You're on." I said regretting it as he took a shot that planted two of the solids in the pocket.

"Is that everything ?"The waitress asked.

"chicken wings?" I asked Leo.


"Alright I will have you your Rickards in a bit." She said before heading to the counter.

"When did she start working here?" I asked.

" A few months ago but she was off for a bit I think." Leo said Indicating it was my turn. I once again fucked up another shot now truly regretting taking Leo up on his offer.  The game continued on for a while longer and the beers came by cold. I managed to turn the tables for a bit but in the end I ended up having to drink the Budweiser. Which then lead to us challenging the wifebeater guys at a game of darts. Which turned out to be quite awesome as we beat them and ended up being invited to there table for a bit meeting some new people. However as much fun as we were having at the pub nothing could stop inevitable last call, and the slog home. At which at this point both Leo and I were stumbling and singing ourselves down the street not noticing we had missed the turn off to his apartment a few streets ago.

"Hey man I think we missed your street." I said as we walked by an elementary school. Where I promptly stumble over a one of those parking stall bricks.

"Oh. shit whatever we'll just turn left up the road man. I know a shortcut." Leo says.

"Sounds good." I said getting up on my own.

"Man how do those wifebeater guys have such nice girlfriends?" Leo asked.

"I don't know man. But if your trying to ask why we don't have girlfriends . It's probably because were out of their league."

"Whatever Ian." Leo said suppressing a light snort of did I just hear that.

We walked a little further before a small gust of wind blew by and I could have sworn I heard a raspy voice say.

"Turn left onto Broadway boys."

Without thinking twice about it our feet carried us to left and suddenly bright lights, honking of cars, and skyscrapers consumed us.

The End

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