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Sonia Glen is dead?

Relax, relax, relax, she's not dead. She probably ran away again. No that’s definitely it, she ran away. This is Sonia Glen; I’ve known her almost all my life. I even saw her on the bus today! She can’t be dead. I gave Arch my paper and rushed through the isle to my open book resting on my desk and back pack leaning against the chrome frames that supported the chair. I threw the book in my back pack and ran outside. The hall way was empty, as I passed some class rooms I heard people crying. What bull shit, I thought to myself. Nobody here knew her, not like me. The doors burst open, she was at the bridge smoking, I knew she was. This was a joke. I ran past all the playgrounds and swing sets, there was no time for remembering. I saw the bridge in the distance, when I made it there I somehow knew nobody was going to be there. I saw cigarette buds lying around everywhere and couldn't help but wonder if they were hers. I paused myself in the moment, I looked around for any clues if she's been there besides the misleading fact that the three thousand cigarette buds lying around actually belonged to her. Hidden in one of the concrete cracks was a folded up piece of paper. I took it out; on the folded cover it said “Jean”. I unfolded it as if the world was blowing up, and in some ways it really was. It read:





Everyone does something that proves his or her worth, I finished what I had to do in life. For the last three years I've been writing a novel due to the fact I am now dead I won’t be able to finish it. So far I hate what I’ve written. I've overstayed my welcome on this earth. I've left my novel to you, for you to finish. You’re the only person in this world I trusted.


P.S When you get to the gates of the Abyss, don't look down.


Rain poured down, but it was dry under the bridge. Wrapped up under a rock that was about a yard away was the half of the novel she wrote. Lifting a rock of that size never felt so easy. Wrapped up in many layers of paper and plastic bags from Kroger was the novel. I carefully unwrapped the book to not damage it in anyway. I felt as though I was taking an unwanted baby off my doorstep. I knew this was only the beginning to something that might change me forever.

The End

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