Into the Night

With each flap of his enormous wings, Bel'ator'i brought them higher. More then little nervous at the sight of the earth far below his feet, Finn held on for dear life, hands around spikes, knees fast squeezing the dragon’s back. The night’s currents were calm, the ride was smooth, and by turns Finn managed to relax. Straightening up a bit he looked around from his perch high in the sky.

The land below was awash in Sierra’s silver light, Lesser Moon not having risen yet. Staring in wonder at a miniature villages and thread-like rivers, Finn mused how familiar things appeared different when looked at from different side.

The dragon’s course carried them eastward, over the towns and sleepy villages. Just before midnight, they quietly flew over Belamirio, a prosperous city sprung from a big trading post on the Zaryla river. Shortly after their course turned more towards the south. They flew over the big forest, which name Finn didn’t know. A long way from home now, he reckoned, and tired to the bone to boot. He could use a glass of ale and a warm bed, that’s for sure! There was no hint of a break though, and as Bel'ator'i didn’t seem to be in a mood to provide explanations, Finn did the best he could to hold on with his increasingly chilly limbs and try not to fall asleep.

A short while later Lesser Moon rose shyly behind them. Finn thought he could see a mountain range in the distance. "Could it be the Obodin’s Range?" he wondered sleepily. But it was forbidden!!!

His host’s rumbling voice gave him a start. "Hold tight and pay attention" Bel'ator'i said. "I must to do what’s needful without worrying about you falling."

"What.?…" Finn started, but only got a snapped order to hush in return. He thought they might be readying to land, but they were gaining speed instead, the dragon’s wings flapping harder, strong muscles moving smoothly. Finn leaned forward, holding tight, yet looking around, trying to discern reasons for change in Bel'ator'i’s demeanor.

At first Finn discovered nothing, but – dragon’s speed still increasing, his breathing a low swishing sound -- soon enough the combined light from the two moons showed him a shadow on their trail. Two shadows. And closing.

The End

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