Taking Flight

Finn turned his attention skyward, hoping to see whatever it was he heard above him.

And he did see.

A dragon.  Huge and magnificent.

It landed in front of him and folded its wings back.  It lowered its great head to Finn, and Finn stepped back.  The head was huge; at least twice the size of Finn.  Its eyes were a golden color.  Finn chanced a quick glance at the length of the beast, and saw that it was long, muscular, and green.

Its forelegs flexed a bit, and it shook its head vigorously, then blinked and stared intently at Finn.  Its great nostrils sniffed Finn.

"You're the one," it said.  When it spoke, it spoke in a soft voice, yet filled with authority.  Finn had expected a roar, a growl; he had even expected to be eaten.  He didn't expect this, however.

"Come, climb upon my back.  We need to get you as far from Graytorin as we can."  It looked Finn up and down, then its eyes went to Finn's satchel.  "And keep that Elven-made treasure safe."

Finn blinked, his mouth hanging open slightly.  "How-"

"No time," the dragon cut him off.  "Climb up.  Now!"

Finn didn't hesitate any longer.  He climbed up on the dragon's foreleg, then struggled up onto his back.  He grabbed a hold of the dragon's fleshy spikes that ran along his neck, and leaned forward.

"Good," said the dragon.  "My name is Bel'ator'i, and I have come to protect you."

Without another word, the dragon stretched his great wings and into the sky they soared.

The End

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