Misery and AgonyMature

Misery, Agony stalking me from dark shadows

All my friends turn away from me

And so I am left all alone

How came about all this darkness that I see

Or was it there all along


Misery, Agony hunting me from dark shadows

Whispering not-so secrets

You're pathetic, You're not worth the time

And still I deny, I just don't get it

Why me? Why now? What did I do?


Misery Agony stroking me from dark shadows

My emotions are a confusing jumble

And they burst out

Leaving me to tumble

Into myself, and away from all of you


Misery, Agony engulfing me in dark shadows

I feel helpless

To stop this growing tide

To fix this mess

Maybe life's just not worth living


Misery, Agony holding me in dark shadows

I mime the motions

I make the sounds

But everyday I sink deeper

Into a self no longer there


Misery, Agony fighting me from dark shadows

I have found myself a friend

And one is all I need

My story is penned

A happy ending after all


Misery, Agony retreating to dark shadows

Screeching their discord

In my own house, I am lord

Because misery and agony cannot hold a candle

To the light house that is hope


Misery, Agony watching me from dark shadows

The worst is over

The best not yet to come

So they wait in clover

Hoping I will fall


Misery, Agony waiting in dark shadows

Though I am still of a mood

No longer inside me

Do dark things brood

So a farewell to Misery and Agony

So life begins, as if on cue

And I will be, all that I will be


Misery, Agony trapped in dark shadows


The End

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