A Light Riposte

“Very well, I accept this challenge”

The white figure steps in front of the device, sliding in as the Black Bard moves away. His white raiment shivers and coalesces around him. His mouth is barely visible through the incandescence of his face.

He dispenses with the pleasantries and…


“The land is ravaged deep and wide

But the darkness shall find no respite

For time turns

The flame burns

Auguring the onset of the Light

The dusk shall be brushed aside.


Just a while, this hour of empty night;

Devoid of trust, diffusing despair.

But like a dust mote

The Shadow is smote.

No power can possibly compare

To the song of the brilliant White.


No tower stands firm to speak our side

None such constructs we require.

The firmament

Bears judgment

And rains down cleansing fire

Upon the ebbing gloom's tide


A song of steel and untold strength

A gleaming ray for dying men

Of  rebirth.

Fresh earth.

A beacon beyond Death’s ken.

A tale stretching beyond time’s length.


Forgiveness is the choral strain,

Pure the emotion.

Faith’s words

Like birds,

Poetry in motion.

Redemption fashions the refrain.


The lost are granted guiding rope,

The hurt feel



Wounds do heal.

Their souls are aflame with hope.”

The White Songmage steps back, his iridescence slowly diminishing as his song ends. His voice returns to its normal, softer note.

“Do you dare to make a rejoinder?”

The End

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