Just A Little Sound

"Goodness and sweetness and kindness are bound in this place. I am in love with the things that I see in his face. It's a memory I know time will never erase..."







Name, age, date of birth, male or female. Lots of questions, one purpose. To find out one thing. Who am I?


Who am I? That, is a very good question. If you want the simple answer, I am Owen James Woodlock. I am an 19 year old male and i was born on the 8th of march 1991. But, if you want a bigger picture then, well, your answer is... I'm nobody. I am a nothing, a screw up with nothing to show for myself.


To be perfectly honest, you can't really blame me, my dad died when i was 4, he OD'd on crack and my mum was a drunk who dumped me in a home after 2 weeks of being a 'Single' parent. When I say single, I mean in the two weeks after my dad died, she had 5 boyfriends. I lost both my parents in the same fortnight. So with this crappy start to life, you can imagine I was a difficult child. Constantly getting into fights with the other children, threatening them, being shipped from one home to the next. After 4 years of violence and defiance, the care workers decided I needed some form of creative outlet to control my feelings. It was then, at the age of 8, I picked up my first guitar. The woman who ran the home, Lucy Marinala, said that I picked it up so fast I was a normal-ish kid within a month. She also said that my astonishing skills were the reasons I got adopted. She said Charlotte heard me playing from her house over the road as I sat in the front garden playing a tune, and had marched across to investigate. By this point I had swapped anger and cruelty for quiet and kindness so she adopted me straight away. I had many happy years with Charlotte... that is until last year when she got an incureable form of stomach cancer and we had to say goodbye for the last time. I don't want to talk about it though, it makes me too sad to think of her.


Since Charlotte died, everything has gone horribly, horribly wrong. I just lost my job, i got kicked out of uni last week, oh and yesterday my girlfriend Joanna ran off with Steve the Stoner! Great! I was starting to think things would never get better, then Alice came crashing into my life. Boy did she turn it around.

The End

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