Getting to know me


My name is Alice Caralee and I have a mission. A mission to make up for whatever it is that I have done in a past life that has lead me to Caine.

Living with Caine, is like dismantling a time bomb. If you leave it, it will explode. If you slip up, it will explode. If you have absolutely no idea what you're doing, well, you're screwed.

I try not to spend too much time at home, but enough so that it doesn't look like I'm avoiding him. I go to college, I have my band, I work... and I have my mission.

My mission is to go out, and find raw talent, pure musical genius inside those who have nothing to realize and are so far in the dark that they can't see the light that shines out of them, and help them to fly. Take Doug and Nate for example, I found them when I was on the look out at a local beer-hole. Nate was starving himself to death and was so thin, I could see nearly all of his bones. Doug was doing the complete opposite, he was eating himself to death and he was so obese I couldn't see the table he was sat at. So I went up to the bar and sat next to the thin dude for a bit. Eventually he started playing the piano on the table, y'no air-piano, it's a bit like air-guitaring, anyway. The speed  and the grace of this boy playing the piano was amazing. I could even see a slight smile on his face.

"So do you play professionally?" I asked

"What?" He said looking up at me, shocked.

"I said, do you play professionally?"


"the piano?"

"Oh, no, I don't play at all... I've never touched a piano..."

"WHAT! No way! Come with me!"

I grabbed his arm when I I spotted the Fat guy drumming away on the table.

"Hang on." I said to the thin guy

"OI!" I shouted to the fat guy. He looked up, bemused.

"Yes you! Come here!" 

He sidled over and said


"You are a drummer come with me!"

They must have thought I was insane but they followed me anyway, they must have sensed I was there to help them.

It's two years later and we are all really good friends now, we formed a band with my bestie, Jizza (Jessica) who I taught to play the bass way back in year 7 and we are pretty good, but we need a guitar... well we did... until today!

My parents are MEGA rich. Their extreme richness enabled me to learn nearly every instrument and... to buy me a shop for my eighteenth birthday. It's this cute little vintage shop that gets like one customer every billion years, but I love it! I have seen quite a few interesting things in my time of being a shop owner, like the time I saw this really old lady singing Opera outside my front window, it was so beautiful, and the time a boy walked past on his hands, that was interesting! Today however, I struck gold. 

Outside my shop was a boy about my age, playing the guitar. Normally when I hear someone playing the guitar, I think something along the lines of: Hmm, good technique/ Ouch, bad fingering/ Oooh! Nice vocals! but this guy, well, I got shivers down my spine and that only happens when I find someone...

I went outside to investigate, singing along as I went.

The End

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