"Better be good to Me"

I listen to you tell me how much you love me.  It's a grand thing but do you think I'll just take that on face value,   Sure baby if that makes you happy but, you have to show me something.

So now you're angry, but I don't want to fight, instead let's talk "face to face"  I'll let you present your case.  Oh , now you turn away and act so unconcerned and, I see you can just take off with someone else..Oh my.. but then, you push her to the side for me..

should I be touched by your act of devotion,

should I be fractured by your lack of emotion

should I

should I

better be good to me

that's how it's got to be now

cause I don't have no use

for what you loosely call the truth

you better be good to me

better be good

good to me


Tina Turner

Better be good to me!

The End

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