I walk along the darkening shore, letting the gentle tide roll over my feet.  The sand is soft, but why do my feet hurt me so?  Perhaps it's a longing that I feel.  I'm looking for someone, but I'm not quite sure who.  I hear the voice, I can see the face, but never at the same time.  It keeps hiding from me, out between the surf and the heart of the sea.

Or maybe I'm hiding from me.  It feels like a promise yet to be realized.  The hope is there, but there's some floundering mixed in as well.  I wake up filled with hope that today'll be the day, only to return to slumber disappointed.

"Don't worry," I say to myself as I drift off.  "Tomorrow you'll find it."

I'll keep on looking, or maybe keep on hiding, perhaps from whatever it is I'm looking for, or perhaps from myself.

I look up to see the full moon over the ocean.  It smiles gently at me.  I stop to smile back, kick up a bit of sand in the water, and sing to myself: "Yo seguir buscando, o seguir escapando
Tal vez de ti, tal vez de mi
Yo seguir buscándole una explicación
A esta canción
También, Sigo viendo tu cara en la cara de la luna
Mientras siga escuchando tu voz
Entre las olas, entre la espuma,
Mientras tenga que cambiar la rádio de estacion
Porque cada canción me hable de ti."

Caraluna, by Bacilos

(Loose translation of included lyrics: "I'll keep on looking for, or I'll keep on escaping, perhaps from you, perhaps from me.  I''ll keep on looking for an explanation in this song, also, I keep seeing your face in the face of the moon, even though I keep hearing your voice between the waves, between the foam, even though I have to change the radio station because ever song reminds me of you.")

The End

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