Endless Sleep

"Last call for alcohol!" the bartender called out.

There were only six of us at the bar, and two couples at a table. I took one more swig of beer, left a two dollar tip, and went outside. Great!, I thought, the rain was pouring down.

 I had cooled down considerable from our stupid quarrel, I couldn't even remember what  started it. It had taken three beers for me to realize that I shouldn't have left her alone. With my coat pulled up over my head, giving me meager protection from the rain, I jogged a block back to our seaside cabin.

Removing my rain soaked coat, I called out, "Honey, I'm sorry."  There was no answer. I searched the rooms, then ran out in the rain to check the carport. The car was there but Cindy was nowhere to be found. I called out for her, but only the crashing of the waves seemed to answered. Then I heard an eerie voice calling from the deep, 'Come join me, baby, in my endless sleep." 

Walking toward the water, I spotted her footprints heading into the sea. Panic welled up in me as I ran into the angry sea. There, there was her blonde hair spread out on the water. I dove into the water and swam to her. Thank God she was still alive, I thought, as I stole her away from the angry sea.

The night was black, rain fallin' down

Looked for my baby, she's nowhere around

Traced her footprints down to the shore

'fraid she's gone forever more

I looked at the sea and it seemed to say

"I took your baby from you away."

I heard a voice cryin' in the deep

"Come join me, baby, in my endless sleep.

Why did we quarrel, why did we fight?

Why did I leave her alone tonight?

That's why her footsteps ran into the sea

That's why my baby has gone from me.

I looked at the sea and it seemed to say

"I took your baby from you away.

Ran in the water, heart full of fear

There in the breakers, I saw her near

Reached for my darlin', held her to me

Stole her away from the angry sea

I looked at the sea and it seemed to say

"You took your baby from me away.

My heart cried out, "She's mine to keep

I saved my baby from an endless sleep. 

Jody Reynolds, Endless Sleep

The End

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