If I were Your Woman

I wish we could get past it, friendship, I wish we could go that extra step but, I will be content with this.  Still I need you to know what it does to me to be close to you, how it makes me feel to look into your eyes.

You don't see who she really is, you don't see that you deserve more, you don't understand how my heart breaks when I see her hurt you.

Don't you know that, together you and I could conquer the world, I'd always back you up, I'd see hurt to myself before I'd see it to you. The possibilities for us would be endless.

*You're like a diamond, but she treats you like glass, you beg her to love you, but me you don't ask*.. 

If you belonged to me, you would not, could not ever think of leaving, I'd love you so much, there'd be no fight left in you.. It would just be you and me.  *If I were your woman, here's what I'd do, I'd never, never, never stop loving you..

If I were Your Woman (Gladys Knight)

*  lines from the song

The End

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