Michelle to Blame

She just couldn't keep her mouth shut! I had just about had it!

Michelle lived in misery. I had been her friend since we were toddlers, but once she hit puberty, she changed. She hated herself and it seemed she hated everyone and everything around her. I really don't think she did, not deep down, but her words were so cutting...

"Did you like, crawl out of bed and come to school?! Your hair is like, leaning..."

"It's the style, Chelley. It's in."

"I heard Linsey was going out with your ex, Luke."

"So?" I tried to keep my cool. Luke had said he thought we should just be friends, but this was the first time he'd actually made some movement away from me, toward someone else. And it hurt. I guess I wasn't quite over him.

"I saw them like, making out in the hall this week. He is So over you! You should move on, you know. I think Jamie likes you!"

"No." I bit back tears. She was standing on a very raw nerve. I was not ready to think about other guys, and Jamie was NOT my type. In fact, I was a little insulted that my supposed BEST FRIEND had even remotely suggested him as a match for me!

"Are you mad at me?" She read facial expressions, even minute ones, too well.

"I'm late for class." I stormed off. I needed some space and the cool hall air brushing my face cooled my temper and dried the tears threatening to fall.

In Biology, Jamie sat by me, as my lab partner should.

"Hey, Kris! Michelle said you had something to say to me?" he looked hopeful, a playful lighting up his brown eyes.

"What?! No! I mean.. Michelle must be mistaken." Jamie looked crestfallen. "I'm sorry." I mumbled as the bell rang and class began.

At lunch I was ready to consult Michelle.

"Michelle! What are you thinking, telling Jamie I had a message?!"

"I was just trying to help," she shrugged.

"I said No!" I took a breath. I was dangerously close to blowing up. "I think you made me hurt his feelings!"

"I MADE you?! I didn't do anything wrong!"

"You sent a false message to him! It's practically a lie!"

"I am not a liar! I did not lie!" Her cheeks flushed.

"You know what? I don't need this!" I stormed off. I wasn't hungry anymore. She could just sit there without me! I cooled off, spending the remainder of my lunch in the girl's room.

I avoided Michelle for the rest of the school day, and also ignored her texts, chats, phone calls, and other attempts to talk to me once I got home. Couldn't she just leave me alone?!

The next day at school, I avoided her before Biology and was hoping to have a normal class period. A note was passed to me. I glanced around nervously. The class all stared at the teacher. I opened it under the lab table.

Someone had drawn a heart and caricatures of a couple kissing. The couple were labeled Jamie and Kristen. I flushed bright red and stuffed the note in my pocket as quietly as I could.

Jamie tapped my shoulder. "What?!" I hissed, focusing on the teacher instead.

"Someone started a rumor that we were going out. Freddie told me." Freddie was Jamie's best friend. "You think it was Michelle?"

"Oh I KNOW it was Michelle!" I whispered as roughly as I could.

I vowed to shun her. Over the next week, I did. She was invisible to me.

That's when the nasty rumors started. Luke was mortified. Linsey broke up with him. Michelle ate it up. Jamie was sad, but he stuck by me, knowing the rumors were false.

It was about two weeks later when I saw Michelle sitting alone and crying. People had gotten over the rumors. Luke and Linsey got back together. I was not the butt of everyone's jokes anymore and could walk the halls in peace. 

I was going to walk right past her, let her suffer for the hurt she caused me and so many others. But I was unsure if it was a trick she was playing; fake tears.

I went up to her and stood sentry over her until she looked up at me. "What do YOU want?"

"Seems no one believes you anymore."

"No. And I have no friends!"

I'm sure she said that to try to coax me into declaring my unwavering friendship with her and how I will always be her bestest bud, but it wasn't going to work this time.

"You're the only one to Blame." She gave me a stunned look and I turned and left her in her misery.


'Blame' by Cadet

the things you say

to feed the lie you started

to break the broken-hearted


the things you say

to overlook your conscience

to spy another offense


but you're getting lonelier each day

because every ear is gone


All your words are going nowhere

they only fall into the burning flames

heard you blow a lot of smoke now

but maybe you're the only one to blame


the things you say

to wage a war for nothing

yeah yeah it's always



someday you'll bury the dead

with words you should've said


All your words are going nowhere

they only fall into the burning flame

heard you blow a lot of smoke now

but maybe you're the only one to blame

The End

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