Lady Evil - Inspired by Black Sabbath.

Zeke steered his swamp boat up-river towards town; Harry poised on the bow.  The morning paper flapping in the passing breeze.
"Says here, they're gonna re-open the South-Road near Witch's Valley," said the young man.

Zeke, the older bayou-man, thumbed his nose, sweat already glistening off of his dark skin, "You ask me. They be best to keep that road shut fo' ever.  That place be cursed wit somethin' un-natural!"

"Ever thought of going there?" Harry asked.
"Oh sure.. when i was stupid, and 10 years younger," Zeke tapped his temple, "Only I got brains enough to stay away from places that don't concern me, ya hear?"

"Let's go there ... tonight!" Harry said, accent thick with Louisiana drawl.
"Are you crazy, boy?  No one goes down there, no more," replied his old friend, Zeke, "Not after that summer,"

"That was 15 years ago.  Besides," Harry jabbed a finger at Zeke, "No one believes in that Voodoo crap."

Zeke's throat grumbled, "Tell that to ol' man Lafleur," Zeke's head bobbed, "he tell ya mo' than you'll wanna know, boy, and maybe then you have yo' mind changed.  There ain't no good to come outta Witch's Valley."

"Witch's Valley is bulls&*t, Ezekial, and you know it!"
"I know no such a thang, boy! You best just let it drop." Zeke piloted the boat toward the town-docks while Harry tied a rope to the dock mooring. 

"It's Friday night Zeke, and there's a full moon tonight.  We'll fetch Bill and Jack, a few beers and a drive to Witch's Valley.  Whaddya say?"

"I say, you white folk have too much gaddamn time on yo' hands. that's what i say!" Zeke waved an incriminating finger at his friend.

"C'mon, Zeke.  No one knows that place better than you. you grew up near there!"

"That's right.  No one knows better than me. So I say, best not to go at all!"

"We're goin'!" Harry laughed, "I'll see you tonight!"
"Ya," Zeke muttered under his breath, "I'll see your fool self tonight, crazy sonofab!*@h!"


The pickup careened around the 3235 just south of Leeville Louisiana.  Behind them, Zeke's boat was in tow.  Bill handed a flask over to the black man, who snatched it from his fingers.

"Gimme that, ehn? Befo' you go an' spill a perfectly good mouthful of my moonshine!"

"Best in the Bayou, Zeke," giggled the 20-something Billy, "Hey Harry.  Where you taken us!?"

"Near Devil's Island,"
"What?! Isn't that near ..."
"Witch's valley!" Zeke groaned.
"Are fuggin' crazy, Harry?" this from the youngest, Billy's brother Jack, "I've listened to the stories from Ol'Man Lafleur about that place."
"I told Harry so, Jacky-boy!" from Zeke.

"What does that old croney know anyways.  IT's all Urban legend and mythology.  There aren't any damned Witches there!" Harry assured.

"He was a cop, Harry - THE cop leading the investigation of the Lafayette murders.  IT all ended in Witch's Valley - where they say the wind won't blow!"

"Those that worked the case say they'll only speak in whispers of her name?"  Billy agreed with his brother.

"And what name is that?" Harry scoffed.
"Lady Evil," Zeke spoke, a hint of doom in his timbered voice.


The full moon lit the Bayou with an eerie glow as the truck pulled off West of HWY 3235.  The beaten path here was pocked full of pot-holes and jutting stone.  Puddles were deep, as the wetlands had bled over the road in recent rains, until a mile in where the road was dry as a desert.  Grass here did not grow.  Trees wilted and rotted, and wild-life had long ago forsaken this place.

Harry brought the pickup to a halt, and exited the cab swilling a flask of whiskey.  "We're here!" he announced.

"Smells like rot!" Jack added.
"Nothin' good is in this place - Not even the rain falls here!" Zeke said.

No wind blew; but the air was a might chilly, and the 4 men huddled together looking westward towards Witch's Valley.

Witch's Valley was not so much a valley as it was a swampy marshland.  The urban myth of the Lady of the Island spoke of voodoo and witchcraft louring men to her cabin where she would sacrifice them - and for who knows what!

"I can't say as I like this place, Harry!" Billy said.
"Is it me - or is it cold here?"  Jack added, "I can see my breath, for Cripes Sakes."

"IT's voodoo," Zeke's voice was ghostly. 

"Come on!" Harry walked past the warning fence: "DO NOT ENTER - PRIVATE PROPERTY!" He said, "Let's prove once and for all that it's a load of hooey!"

The quartet walked in silence, only the sucking sound of the ground pulling at their boots could be heard as a thick fog surrounded the men. 

"It's like pea-soup," Jack complained.  Not even the light of the full moon could fully penetrate the un-natural mist.

Suddenly, there was a scream.  The echo seemed to surround them as much as the fog and the four of them blocked their ears against it - as it seemingly went on for a minute or two. 

"Jesus Christ what was that?" Harry wondered.  His answer was another scream; only this one came from Jack as his voice disappeared into the bayou!

"JACK!" harry searched around wide-eyed, his hand outstretched.  He gave a loud yelp, as his hand slapped at warm flesh, "Who's that?"

"It's me you foo'!" Zeke replied.
"What the hell..."

"Harry?!" this from Bill.
"Over here!"
"I can't see a goddamn thing!"
"This way,"
"Here?" Bill's voice was distant, "I see you,"
"No, Bill - this way.. where are you going!"

"I'm comin' right at ya, don't move!"
"You're going the wrong way!" Harry made to run after him -but a large black hand held him back.
"He's not seeing right, Harry!" Zeke says, "She's put voodoo in his brain! He's chasin' shadows!"  He gave a nod, "Never trust your shadow in the dark!"

"This is ridiculous," Harry sprang up and ran towards his friend.  "Bill!?" he ran until his feet sank into the muck of a riverbank.  And there, the fog clear, ever so slightly, until he saw the slender figure of a woman, standing seemingly over the water, her torn black dress waving in a wind that did not blow.

"Hello?" Harry called, "Did you see a guy run past..."
The woman's hand was outstretched - a dark shadow dancing over her palm.  The shadow seemed to swarm about her, embracing her - as if eating out of the palm of her hand.  "Who are you?"

Her mouth moved; but words did not escape.
"Lady Evil," Harry jumped as Zeke came behind him, "We outta leave this place, Harry.  Comin' here was a bad-assed idea."

"But what about Jack and Billy?"
"They gone, boy!  You cain't do nothin' for those boys .. no we have to git!"

"Leave Ezekial!" the Lady whispered.  And though she stood over the water, some fourty feet away, the whisper spoke as if she stood directly beside him; he even felt her breath upon his ear, rank with death and darkness. "Leave Ezekial," she whispered again, "He does not believe - and so I shall show him the truth!"

Zeke trembled at the sound, and his bones quaked as he turned and ran.

"WAIT! YOU CAN'T LEAVE ME HERE!' Harry shouted.  His voice trailed off into another scream.  AS he ran, Zeke saw blood upon his hand, dripping from his fingertips to the Bayou swamp at his feet.  When he looked up - he slid to a stop and came face to face with the Dark Lady Evil. 

"Tell them I am the Queen of the Night, Ezekial.  Make. Them. Believe!"


Zeke woke in his cabin, sweat coating him head to toe as a pounding came at the door.  "Zeke!  ZEKE.. for christ sakes wake up - or I'll be late for work."

Zeke looked at his dark reflection in the mirror over his dresser as he sat up in bed.  His eyes were ghostly circled, his black complexion an unusual pale chocolate in the morning light.

"Harry!?" he called. "c'est toi, Harry?" he said in creole.
"C'est moi, Zeke. now let's get going."

Wiping his face, he quickly pulled on his boots, and a rain coat, and stepped outside.  It was a damp day, the sky cloudy with slivers of sunlight fighting their way through the misty air.

"You look like hell, Zeke."
"Bad dream is all!  Git in the boat boy.. i haven't all day!"

Zeke steered his swamp boat up-river towards town; Harry poised on the bow.  The morning paper flapping in the passing breeze.
"Says here, they're gonna re-open the South-Road near Witch's Valley," said a woman's voice.

Zeke looked up with fearful eyes to see Lady Evil hovering over Harry's dead corpse.  "Make Them Believe!"



Song Lyrics: By Ronnie James Dio - Music by Black Sabbath (Tony Iommi)

Theres a place just south of witches valley
Where they say the wind wont blow
And they only speak in whispers of a name
Theres a lady they say who feeds the darkness
It eats right from her hand
With a crying shout shell search you out
And freeze you where you stand

Lady evil, evil
Shes a magical, mystical woman
Lady evil, evil in my mind
Shes queen of the night
All right!

In a place just south of witches valley
Where they say the rain wont fall
Thunder cracks the sky, it makes you bleed
Theres a lady they say who needs the darkness
She cant face the light
With an awful shout, shell find you out
And have you before the night

Lady evil, evil
Shes a magical, mystical woman
Lady evil, evil on my mind
Shes queen of the night

So if you ever get to witches valley
Dont dream or close your eyes
And never trust your shadow in the dark
cause theres a lady I know who takes your vision
And turns it all around
The things you see are what youll be, lost and never found

Lady evil, evil
Shes a magical, mystical woman
Lady evil, evil on my mind
Shes queen of the night

Gonna do you right!

Shes the queen of sin

Look out, shell pull you in!

Lady wonder!




The End

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