Forever Young

Lucy sat at her tiny desk in her dorm room. She stared at her laptop, set at the Word pad program. The empty page stared at her, accusingly. What was she going to say to the graduating class of 2009? Literally hundreds of students were going to be staring up at her, expecting words of wisdom. Well, she didn't have any.

"Have you finished your valedictorian speech yet, Luce?" 

Lucy's roommate Barbara  came into the room, dragging a suitcase almost as big as she was.

"Have you packed yet, Barbie doll?"

Lucy said snottily. Obviously, Barb hadn't packed, and she hated being called Barbie doll.

"Whoa. Pull the fangs in! I was just asking."

"Sorry Barb, but I just don't know what to say in my speech, and it's eating me up." Lucy apologized.

Just then Barb's mom came in with a basket of freshly laundered clothes for Barb. to pack.

"Come on honey, get that suitcase open and we'll start packing. Chop Chop. You won't be young forever!

"Hey, you just gave me an idea for my speech, thanks Mrs. Clint."

"Uh, you're welcome, I guess. What did I say?"

Lucy didn't answer, because she was frantically tapping away at her keyboard before her inspiration faded.

Four hours later, Lucy stepped up to the podium and faced the sea of faces that awaited her. Clearing her throat and sweating slightly, she began her speech.

"What I wish for all of you, the graduating class of 2009 that you stay forever young.  I hope you follow the golden rule and do unto others as you would have them do for you.

I hope you climb on every rung to the stars, and remain righteous and strong. May you always know the truth and follow it.

May you always be busy and swift in pursuit of your dreams. When the winds of change shift, I hope you have a strong foundation to support you.

May you always have joy in your heart and stay forever young!!!

The graduation rose to their feet as one, and tears ran down Lucy's face to thundering applause.

Forever Young, the Bob Dylan version

The End

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