A Girl? Where?!

As they flew as far south as possible, Arrow could hear Prince Thorn continuously mumbling things under his breath; very quietly, but loud enough for Arrow to hear. 

"Please do not stress Prince Thorn." Arrow comforted after Thorn had paused during his ramblings. 

"I'm sorry, Arrow. There's just far too much on my plate right now..." Thorn shook his head.

"Well, just stay positive. We're heading south and we're much faster than the mist. So that means when we set up camp we will have a lot more time to think about this. And so will you. Now, let's just keep our eyes peeled for any survivors." Arrow scrunched up his face, looking down below to see if anyone was out there.

"Thank you, Arrow. And that is a good idea, let's just look." 

There was a moment of silence between the two of them, only the sound of nature and the occasional natter from Kamika and Emerald broke the silence. 

"Thorn! Look over there!" Kamika shouted, pointing down to a swallow tree where a young girl sat alone, eyeing everything around her cautiously. 

"Arrow." Thorn instructed. He swooped the phoenix down to where the girl sat, and leaped off. 

"Are you alright?!" He asked.

The End

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