Breaking the Silence

Following Arrow's idea, the group got back onto the Phoenix's back and, reluctantly, it took off again. Arrow sat at the front beside Kamika with Emerald and Thorn just behind. Arrow and Kamika were talking in low voices, but neither Thorn nor the nymph made a sound.

Thorn stared off at the skyline, one leg hanging off the phoenix's back and the other curled underneath him. He was listening again, but this time not even Engoroth's voice answered him. The Mist appeared to have retreated for now and would hopefully not discover their plan until they were well away. None the less, Thorn was still worried.

Despite Arrow's apparent confidence, he knew that everyone was unnerved by the news, Kamika and Emerald in particular. It was a terrible choice they had to make, and not one that would be solved easily.

But still, a decision had to be reached. One way or another.

"Emerald," Thorn hissed to her, trying to make sure no-one else heard, "Emerald, listen to me. We need to make a decision about this. I know it's... not a bright prospect, but we have to decide. Come on, talk to me. We can work something out."

Liar. You don't know what to do at all. You're just hoping that this makes the issue smaller.


The End

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