I Won't Let Either Of You Die

"Why did she even call my pointy ears in the first place?! I don't why we started arguing anyway! Look, Prince Thorn. I have been very childish, calling her grandma which obviously came from no-where. So I apologise for being immature but she did start it. Let's just forget about this, we have too much weight on all of us anyway." Arrow huffed.

"So, what do you suppose we do, Arrow?" Prince Thorn asked him.

"I say we fly south. Furthest away from the mist as possible. That, I'm thinking anyway, might give us enough time to think about this. We're going to have to find food aswell for all of us. While we're flying Prince Thorn and Emerald can talk and debate about what their going to do. Then we'll set up camp and decide.

"It's my job to protect you. And I won't let either of you die." I finished, attempting to put on a brave face.

"That's quite a good idea..." Kamika pondered.

"Well, we better leave now. Before anything happens that we can't control."

The End

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