"A sacrifice of death needs to be witnessed" Emerald mutter.

Kamika looked in the direction of her voice. "That's one theory, that or your heirs of Yanna. The mist goddess" Emerald says.

"That's impossible Yanna hasn't lived for thousands of years" Thorn scoffs.

"Yeah, nice women. Great hair" Emerald goes off. She see the looks of the confused Elves.

"I'm four thousand three hundred and twenty-one years. I've met many people" She says arms folded.

"O-kay" Arrow says turning back to Thorn and Kamika. "So, granny.."

"Who you calling granny, pointy ears? I look younger than you'll ever be" Emerald shouts interupting.

"You two shut up" Thorn and Kamika shouts.

The End

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