Last time

Emerald stayed quiet just hearing the whisper by a fraction cause she knew it wasn't meant for her. She looked at Thorn who seemed in shock.

She knew what it was telling him. She knew he was the one to stop this mist from when she had found out who he was. A frown of sadness grew on her face.

"What is it?" Kamika whispered.

"I think... its the mist" he says turning to look at her. "He's offering to give the others for in exchange for me"

"Don't" Emerald shouts. "It can't end like last time" She slaps a hand over her mouth at her stupid words.

"Last time???" Thorn whispers. "You were hear last time" Emerald stays quiet.

"Tell us" Kamika says desperate.

"I don't want to relive the past......" Emerald murmurs.

"Wait, your saying that someone gave them self before" Thorn asks.

"What are you lot on about?" Arrow asks confused. "We need to find everyone"

"And I know where they are....... but blood of royalty has to be spilled to gain passage" I mutter. "The Thorn of a royal rose"

The End

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