Not getting on

Emerald looks at the new elf. Hmm, not much she thinks to herself.

"Whats his name?" Emerald asks. The elf jumps.

"What was that??"

"It's Arrow he's our body guard" Thorn tells Emerald leaning to look under the Phoenix at where she chose to sit.

"I said what was that?" Arrow asks scared.

"Don't worry it's just a wood nymph" Kamaki says.

"Okay... well at least I'm not crazy" he whispers "Who is it?"

"She is Emerald" Emerald shouts angrily.

"Obviously sensitive" Arrow murmurs.

"Oh, your asking for it pointy ears" Emerald calls angrily.

"Will you two shut up?" both Thorn and Kamika demand. Arrow and Emerald fall silent and don't speak until they arrive above Ovine lake.

"We can land here" Emerald calls and they fly down to the edge of the lake.

The End

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