What Did I Tell You About Getting into Trouble, Arrow?

Ow, my head is throbbing. I feel so tired... wait where am I? What's happened?

Arrow opened his heavy eyelids to find himself looking up at a green canopy. Rubbing his head ruffly, he sat up to find himself looking around at the beautiful, yet strangely quiet Twilight Woods. 

"What on godblobs am I doing here?!" he asked himself, standing up and looking around. "Where is everyone?" no reply came. Lifting his hand to his mouth, he called a loud, "HELLO? IS ANYONE THERE?!" but all he got back was his echoes. 

Turning, he saw a thick grey mist coming towards him. He stared at wide eyed and charged in the other direction, he had to find Prince Thorn and, he was his guard, he had to keep him safe. 

Running urgently through the forest, he threw branches and trees out of his way, stumbling occasionally. All the way he was wondering where his wife and children were, and what had happened to them. One second he was at Prince Thorn's birthday party, the next he was in the Twilight Woods.

This doesn't make sense! Arrow thought gruffly, looking back for a split second to see the mist metres away from engulfing him. He yelped and ran even faster through the night, the moon his only source of light. Taking out his bow and arrow ready, he finally got out of the forest to see a cliff face with ledges on it, there sat Prince Thorn and head chef of the Great Oak Kamika, Prince Thorn looked distressed. 

"PRINCE THORN, MISS KAMIKA!!!" their heads turned in Arrow's direction, he watched their eyes go wide, "IT'S ME, ARROW, YOUR GUARD! PLEASE, GET THE PHOENIX! I MUST GET YOU OUT OF HERE TO SAFETY!!" he yelled. 

Kamika and Thorn nodded quickly, running off to get their Phoenix and swooping up into the air. Arrow lifted his arms as Prince Thorn reached down and picked him up, flinging him onto the front of the phoenix. "Hold on tight!" Arrow called to them as he whooshed higher into the air, above the mist where the stars glittered. 

As they began to slow, Prince Thorn shook his head and rolled his eyes, "What did I tell you about getting into trouble, Arrow?" 

"I apologise for the late notice Prince Thorn, but I awoke in the Twilight Woods. Everyone is gone! And I can't find my wife and children!"

The End

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