Deja Vu comes to Emeralds mind when they decide to walk down the mountain. The Phoenix flys above and that's where she wants to be when the elves come to a certain conversation.

"Thorn... I've been thinking you know if this has happened before then it must have been stoped" Kamika says. Emerald slips and screams. She looks up and watch Kamika look round scared while Thorn looks worried. "What was that?" Kamika whispers.

Emerald tries to stand and winces on her left ankle. "Kamika.... I need to tell you something" Thorn whispers.

"What?" Kamika says turning to Thorn. Emerald finds herself wanting to run up and stop him.

"We're being followed by a wood nymph, I met her when I was younger and I saw her yesterday under the Phoenix" Thorn whispers.

"Wait.... you mean those thing that live in trees and can't be seen by elves?"

Thorn nods and Kamika's face goes into thought. She looks up at him an idea in her eyes.

"Was it her who wrote on my arm?"


"Maybe she can help" Kamika says happy with the idea she thought up. "Can you talk to her or something?"

"Yeah but I won't be able to see her" Thorn explains. "Nymph... are you there?"

"Yes..." Emerald whispers.

"I forgot to ask your name"


"Emerald.... Can you help us?"

The End

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